Best Things to Do in Amsterdam this Weekend

Amsterdam is one such place which can be toured any time of the week, however, there are a plethora of fun things to do in Amsterdam this weekend which you must indulge in. Make your weekend enjoyable by visiting some of the best attractions and bustling squares. Wallow in the richness of history by exploring the poignant Anne Frank House that retells the tale of a brave young Jewish girl who lived during the Second World War. One of the best things to do this weekend in Amsterdam is to visit the Van Gogh Museums and take delight in appreciating his eccentric art work. One can also go on exciting bike tours across the city, and explore the various attractions at your own pace.

Bike tours are not only efficient and cost saving, but when done in a group becomes much fun. You can go on similar exploration expeditions using canal cruises, which lets you explore the city in a completely different way. Other than that, visit other museums like the Rembrandt House Museum and Rijskmusuem, which exhibit works of great Dutch painters. If you yearn for a natural escape, then you must definitely visit the Tulip Gardens and Voldenpark, which have a beautiful expanse of vegetation and horticulture.

Van Gogh Museum
Explore Van Gogh Museum

Visiting the Van Gogh Museum will definitely be one of the most fascinating things to do this weekend in Amsterdam. Van Gogh was one of the greatest European artists hailing from the Netherlands, and his work was known for being reflective of his strange and eccentric personality. See some of his famous masterpieces including the Bedroom, Self Portrait, Starry Night and Sunflower. Apart from that, you can also come across the works of a number of other Dutchc artists like Monet and Gaguin.

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Rembrandt House Museum
Explore The Rembrandt House Museum

Considering the significance of this great Dutch painter, visiting the Rembrandt House Museum will surely be one of the most fascinating things to do this weekend in Amsterdam. Explore the house where Rembrandt worked for much of his life, and also admire some of his finest works like the Night Watch, Self Portrait and the Jewish Bride. Get a glimpse into his life and the way he worked, and how he finally experienced bankruptcy.

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nemo science museum
Explore NEMO Science Museum

In case you are looking to reignite the science spark in your mind which you had long lost, you must surely visit the Nemo Science Museums. It has a number of fun and challenging activities for both kids and adults, including a humanistic exhibition, coding camp and voyage across the universe. The Studio has a number of interesting activities for adults like Project Tomorrow, where you can get a glimpse of future predictions and Energy Junkies, which revolves around the use of energy.

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Zaanse Schans Museum, Amsterdam
Checkout the Zaanse Schans Museum

The region of Zaanse Schans holds significant importance in the history and geography of Holland. A visit to the Zaanse Schans Museums will be one of the fun things to do in Amsterdam this weekend, where you can explore a fascinating open air and rural museum. Explore the typical Dutch farm buildings, the windmills and the Zaanse region which was once a site for hardcore industrial activities.

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Heineken Amsterdam
Checkout The Heineken

With the immense popularity it has, chances are you already are aware of this beer brand - Heineken. With a trip to the Heineken, get a chance to get a first hand experience of how some of the world's grandest beer is made. Get to know about the history of the brand and then indulge in a small beer tasting event organised at the end of the Heineken Experience.

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Amsterdam evening Canal Cruise including pizza and drinks
Hop on the Canal Cruise

A trip across Amsterdam’s beautiful canals is surely one of the best things to do this weekend in Amsterdam. Although you can cruise along any of its canals, a ride on the waters of the Brewer’s Canal will surely be one of the most fulfilling activities. Take delight as you sail past the beautiful urban sprawl of this great Dutch city, among its 17th century buildings and houses. Pass by fascinating attractions like the Anne Frank Museum, Skinny Bridge, Van Gogh Museum and the Golden Bend.

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Keukenhof Garden
Stroll around Keukenhof Tulip Gardens

Looking for an escape from the busy and crowded city regions? Then you should surely visit the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens. This spectacular horticulture garden remains only during the spring season, and exhibits hundreds and thousands of varieties of tulips and other flowers. Taking relaxing strolls across the gardens and exploring the flowers will surely be one of the fun things to do in Amsterdam this weekend.

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Anne Frank, Amsterdam
Go for a Anne Frank Walk Tours

Nothing’s better than taking your children through the world described by one of their favourite authors - Anne Frank. Going on guided tours and exploring the Jewish neighbourhoods where Anne Frank lived is a great yet saddening experience. Anne Frank lived a major part of her life in hiding in the Jewish Quarters in Amsterdam. Take a stroll across this neighbourhood and go on a guided tour to explore and empathise with her experience.

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Streets of Amsterdam
Take the City Bike Tour

Taking bike tours is the one of the most fun things to do in Amsterdam this weekendwhich also lets you explore the city at your own pace. Rejoice in excitement as you pass by the beautiful attractions of Amsterdam like the canals, bridges, museums and restaurants. Explore important locations like the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank’s House and Rijksmuseum on your way. Get to know about various interesting and intriguing stories about the city from your guide.

Visit Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum is one of the finest art museums in Amsterdam which houses more than 8000 artefacts and 5000 artworks, done by renowned painters like Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer. You will also find tremendously beautiful artistic works like sculptures, pottery works and artistic history exhibits at the museum. With such great things to witness, exploring the Rijksmuseum will surely be one of the finest things to do this weekend in Amsterdam.

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Dam Square, Amsterdam
Stroll around Dam Square

The Dam Square is the most famous and busiest public square in Amsterdam, bustling with hundreds of people throughout the day. A visit to the Dam Square entails easy access to various attractions in Amsterdam like the Royal Palace, Oude Church, New Church and even the National Museum. You can also visit other important attractions like the Madame Tussauds wax museum, Beehive Departmental Store and Ripley’s Believe it or not.


What are the best things to see and do in Amsterdam this weekend?

    • Van Gogh Museum - A visit to Amsterdam without visiting the Van Gogh Museum is a trip wasted. Van Gogh Museum is home to the works of world famous artist Vincent Van Gogh, including the Starry Night, The Bedroom and various other landscapes. Admiring these masterpieces and their eccentric symbolism is one of the most fun things to do in Amsterdam this weekend.
    • Keukenhof Tulip Garden - This tulip garden is one of the best places to escape the hustle and chaos of urban life. It remains open only in the spring season and exhibits a splendid collection of the tulips and other flowers.
    • Nemo Science Museum - The Nemo Science Museum is a highly interactive and immersive science exhibition, helping reignite the scientific curiosity of people. Two of its major exhibits for adults are Project Tomorrow and Energy Junkies.

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