Why Go On An Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise?

Going on an Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise is an ideal way to explore the city's waterways and learn about its rich history and culture. The canals of Amsterdam are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and have played a crucial role in the city's growth and development over the centuries. A canal cruise offers a unique perspective on the city's architecture, art, and landmarks, and is a must-do activity for any visitor to Amsterdam.

During the cruise, you can expect to see iconic landmarks such as the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum, the Hermitage Amsterdam, and the Westerkerk. You'll also get to pass under picturesque bridges and observe the daily life of locals and tourists alike. Some cruises even offer audio commentary in multiple languages, providing fascinating insights into the city's past and present.

In addition to the sightseeing aspect, a canal cruise is also a relaxing and peaceful way to spend an afternoon or evening. The gentle movement of the boat, the soft sound of the water, and the beautiful scenery all contribute to a serene and calming experience. Whether you're travelling solo, with family, or in a group, an Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise is a memorable and enjoyable activity that you won't want to miss.

Why Explore The Amsterdam Harbor?

Why Explore The Amsterdam Harbor?

Exploring the Amsterdam Harbor is an exciting and unique way to experience the city's rich maritime history and culture. As one of the most important ports in Europe, the Amsterdam Harbor has played a significant role in the city's growth and development over the centuries. Today, the harbor is home to a bustling mix of commercial ships, luxury yachts, and historic vessels, all set against a backdrop of stunning architecture and natural beauty.

Exploring the Amsterdam Harbor allows you to witness firsthand the activity and commerce that continues to drive the city's economy. You can observe the loading and unloading of cargo ships, the hustle and bustle of the fish markets, and the colourful sails of traditional Dutch ships.

In addition to the commercial aspect, the Amsterdam Harbor also offers a wide range of cultural and recreational activities. You can visit the Maritime Museum to learn more about the city's seafaring history, take a harbor cruise to see the sights from a different perspective, or simply stroll along the water's edge and enjoy the picturesque views. Exploring the Amsterdam Harbor is a unique and enriching way to experience the city and gain a deeper appreciation for its maritime heritage.

Sights Covered On Your Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise

Amsterdam Canals
Amsterdam Canals

The Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise takes you on a journey through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, providing stunning views of the city's iconic architecture and landmarks. As you cruise through the canal system, you'll pass by charming canal houses, historic bridges, and picturesque tree-lined streets.

Port of Amsterdam
Port of Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise also takes you through the bustling Port of Amsterdam, where you'll witness the activity of cargo ships, cruise ships, and barges as they come and go from the city. You'll get a glimpse into the commercial side of Amsterdam as you see the port's extensive infrastructure, cranes, and warehouses.

Zaan River
Zaan River

The Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise also takes you beyond the city limits to explore the picturesque Zaan River. The river is home to a wide variety of wildlife, and you'll be able to spot different types of birds and fish along the way. You'll also have the opportunity to witness the local culture and architecture of the region, which is famous for its windmills, wooden houses, and traditional crafts.

Zaanse Schans
Zaanse Schans

One of the highlights of the Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise is a stop at the charming village of Zaanse Schans, located on the banks of the Zaan River. Here, you'll step back in time and experience traditional Dutch life from the 18th and 19th centuries. You'll explore the open-air museum, which features historic windmills, traditional wooden houses, and shops selling artisanal products. You'll also have the opportunity to sample local delicacies, such as cheese, chocolate, and liqueurs.

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Canal Harbour Cruise Amsterdam Video

Experience Canal Harbour Cruise

Embark on an enchanting journey through Amsterdam's historic heart with an Amsterdam Canal Harbor Cruise. Drift along the tranquil waters of the iconic canals, flanked by picturesque 17th-century buildings, quaint bridges, and charming houseboats. As the city's rich history unfolds before your eyes, knowledgeable guides share captivating stories and insights. From the bustling city center to the quieter hidden corners, this cruise offers a unique perspective on Amsterdam's architectural gems and cultural heritage. Whether by day or illuminated by night, the cruise provides an intimate connection to the city's soul, making it an essential and memorable experience for all.

Know Before You Book The Cruise

Inclusions & Exclusions
Tips to Visit
Inclusions & Exclusions


  • Scenic tour of Amsterdam's canals, with views of historic architecture and landmarks
  • Sightseeing tour of the bustling Port of Amsterdam, including cargo ships and cranes
  • Exploration of the picturesque Zaan River, with opportunities to spot local wildlife
  • Visit to the charming village of Zaanse Schans, with its historic windmills and traditional crafts
  • Live commentary from a knowledgeable guide, providing insights into Amsterdam's history and culture
  • Comfortable seating and sheltered areas on the boat, providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience


  • Food and drinks are not included in the ticket price, but can be purchased on board or at local stops
  • Entrance fees to museums or attractions along the tour route are not included in the ticket price
  • Transportation to and from the tour starting point is not included in the ticket price, but can be arranged separately
  • Optional activities or experiences, such as bike rentals or canal-side dining, are not included in the ticket price
  • Gratuities for the tour guide or boat crew are not included in the ticket price, but are appreciated.


How long is the canal harbor cruise and what is the route that it takes?

    The length and route of the canal harbor cruise can vary depending on the tour provider and package. However, most standard canal harbor cruises last between 60 to 90 minutes and cover the main canals and waterways of Amsterdam. The route typically includes sights such as the picturesque Jordaan district, the iconic Skinny Bridge, and the bustling Port of Amsterdam.

Is there a guide or narration provided during the cruise?

What is the capacity of the boats used for the canal harbor cruise?

Are food and drinks available on board or at the stops along the route?

Is the canal harbor cruise wheelchair accessible?

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