Overview of House of Bols Amsterdam

House of Bols in Amsterdam offers a captivating journey into the world of cocktails and spirits. As the birthplace of Bols, the oldest distilled spirits brand in the world, this interactive experience takes visitors on a delightful exploration of flavours, aromas, and mixology.

Upon entering House of Bols, guests are immersed in a vibrant atmosphere where the art of cocktails comes to life. The experience begins with an audio-visual presentation, delving into the history and heritage of Bols, showcasing its evolution over centuries. Knowledgeable guides then lead visitors through various rooms, each dedicated to a specific aspect of cocktail creation.

One of the highlights of the House of Bols experience is the Cocktail & Genever Experience. Here, visitors can discover over 40 different Bols liqueurs and spirits, learn about their ingredients and flavors, and even concoct their own unique cocktail under the guidance of professional bartenders.

The interactive exhibits at House of Bols engage all the senses. Visitors can smell the aromas of different ingredients, touch and taste a variety of spirits, and learn the techniques behind cocktail mixing. The Flair Booth allows guests to test their skills at cocktail juggling, adding an element of fun to the experience.

For those seeking to deepen their knowledge, House of Bols offers masterclasses on mixology and cocktail history. These classes provide hands-on training and insights from expert bartenders, allowing participants to refine their skills and gain a deeper understanding of the craft.

House of Bols in Amsterdam is a must-visit destination for cocktail enthusiasts, offering a unique and immersive experience that celebrates the art of mixology and the rich heritage of Bols spirits.

Experience Inside House of Bols Amsterdam

History Room
History Room

The History Room at House of Bols takes visitors on a journey through the rich history of the Bols brand. This immersive experience showcases the evolution of Bols from its beginnings in 1575 to its present-day status as a leading brand in the world of cocktails.

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Art of Flavour
Art of Flavour

The Art of Flavor experience at House of Bols teaches visitors about the complex and nuanced world of cocktail flavours. This interactive experience allows guests to explore the science behind different flavours and experiment with creating their own unique flavour profiles.

Hall of Taste
Hall of Taste

The Hall of Taste is a multi-sensory experience that showcases the unique flavour profiles of Bols liquors. Visitors can sample a variety of different Bols products and learn about the subtle nuances that make each one unique.

Ingredient Room
Ingredient Room

The Ingredient Room at House of Bols allows visitors to explore the various ingredients that go into creating a perfect cocktail. From herbs and spices to fruits and vegetables, this experience gives guests a deeper understanding of the building blocks of a great cocktail.

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Shopping & Academy
Shopping & Academy

At Bols, you can shop for your favourite ready made cocktails, purchase special ingredients or even gift your loved ones branded cocktails. Choose from a variety of options like the Bols Amaretto, Bols Blue and Bols Banana. Moreover, Bols also runs a premier academy that trains people to become professional bartenders.

Mirror Bar
Mirror Bar

The Mirror Bar at House of Bols is a beautiful and immersive space that serves up a range of expertly crafted cocktails. This stylish and sophisticated bar is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a drink after exploring the House of Bols.

Shake your own
Shake your own

The Shake Your Own experience at House of Bols allows visitors to channel their inner mixologist and create their own custom cocktails. With the guidance of a professional bartender, guests can experiment with different ingredients and techniques to create a drink that is uniquely their own.

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Choose From Multiple House of Bols Ticket Options

House of Bols Entrance Ticket Plus Cocktail
House of Bols Entrance Ticket Plus Cocktail

With these House of Bols Amsterdam tickets, get a chance to visit and explore the House of Bols, known for making one of the world's oldest spirits - Genever. As part of this tour, take a trip in the halls of the Bols, where you’ll find an excellent setting with music, photographs, aromas and a lot more. Take a stroll in the Hall of Taste where you can experience the making process of more than three dozen Bols Liqueurs. Lastly, engage in a cocktail sampling event where you can taste Bols signature cocktail drinks.

Tickets for House of Bols: Cocktail & Genever Experience
Tickets for House of Bols: Cocktail & Genever Experience

Take the House of Bols: Cocktail & Genever Experience tickets and get entrance to the House of Bols and discover the secrets that go into making some of the finest Bols cocktails, liqueurs and spirits. In the Hall of Taste, encounter the history and making process of 38 different Bols liqueurs; followed by a visit to the World of Cocktails, Delfts Blue Room and Genever Room. The tour ends at the Mirror Bar, where you will get a chance to try your hands on preparing your own cocktail.

House of Bols admission ticket with cocktail workshop
House of Bols admission ticket with cocktail workshop

Enter the House of Bols Amsterdam with your skip the line tickets to learn more about the brand and its history. You can make use of the audio guide that comes in multiple languages. At the Mirror Club, take joy in watching the bartender flair and serve you some of the best cocktail blends. With these House of Bols Amsterdam tickets, you can also take part in a half-hour cocktail workshop and learn to stir and blend your own cocktails.

Skip the Line Tickets to House of Bols - Cocktail and Genever Experience
Skip the Line Tickets to House of Bols - Cocktail and Genever Experience

With these House of Bols Amsterdam tickets, get a preferential entry into the halls of House of Bols. Learn about the history and the process that goes into making some of the finest cockatiels in the world. Get a chance to know about the time when Lucas Bols’ Genever stormed the world and became a hit. You can also upgrade your House of Bols Amsterdam tickets to take part in the cocktail workshops, where you can learn to craft your own cocktails.

Know Before You Go House of Bols Amsterdam

Essential Information
How To Reach & Audio Languages
Essential Information

Timings :

Sunday - Thursday: 1:00 PM-6:30 PMFriday - Saturday: 1:00 PM-8:00 PM

Location :

Paulus Potterstraat 12 14 16, 1071 CZ Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Espresso Martini
  • Margarita Azul
  • Red Light Negroni
  • Ginger Mule
  • Very Old Fashioned
  • Pornstar Martini
  • Elderflower Spritz

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  • Take a tour of the House of Bols and learn about Lucas Bols, the world's oldest distilled spirit brand

  • Tingle your senses by taking a stroll through the hall of taste

  • Prepare your own cocktail with a flair at the magical flair booth

  • Enjoy complimentary Bols Genever cocktails of your choice at the Mirror bar

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Please note that this is a self-guided tour. A guided tour is available on request.
  • Delicious alcohol-free cocktails are also served for anyone who prefers not to drink alcohol. Please ask the bartenders.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • Participants are not allowed to carry any sharp object, lighter, luggage bag, alcohol, knife, etc.
  • Pets are not allowed in the premises
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How long is the House of Bols Tour?

    In general, the tour lasts for about 45 min to an hour, and in addition the sampling may take half an hour.

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