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Make your Netherlands trip extra special with a visit to Begijnhofkapel Amsterdam. Begijnhofkapel, also known as the Begijnhof chapel, is situated in Amsterdam’s most famous and historic city. Begijnhofkapel gets its name from beguinage where the sisters of the chapel used to live in the medieval ages. It is one of the oldest chapels hidden behind the facades of residential buildings. The 16th-century beguine women were considered nuns or sisters of the church but had more freedom than conventional nuns. You can visit Begijnhof with your partner, family members, or friends for a full-day or a half-day trip from Amsterdam.Today, you can visit this ‘hidden church’ and explore the residences and the surrounding area. You can easily travel to Begijnhof from Amsterdam via Spuiplein. Apart from immersing yourself in the history of BegijnhofKapel, you can also explore many other attractions such as the famous Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt House Museum, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, and more. Begijnhof is also the oldest hofjes in Amsterdam that is rich in history and architectural beauty. It is also a great half-day trip that you can take from Amsterdam to avoid the city’s hustle and bustle, and experience tranquility by exploring all the hidden treasures.

History of Begijnhofkapel

The quaint city of Begijnhof is known to have been founded in the 14th century where women known as beguines lived. Beguines were unmarried women whose lives were very similar to nuns’ but they had freer lifestyles than nuns. It was home to a community of beguine women which is where it got its name of Begijnhof. The residences in Begijnhof were privately funded by the women who lived there. The chapel was taken away from the women, so they built a hidden chapel behind the residential facades. The beautiful architecture of these houses has now become an attraction for tourists from all over the world. The hidden chapel inside the residential area is now accessible to anyone who wishes to explore and admire it. Entry to the chapel and the courtyards is free for all. The wooden houses of the beguines surrounded a beautiful garden or courtyard, which is also a popular attraction point. While there are no beguine women anymore, the residences are still in use and are occupied by private dwellers. It is a serene place to visit when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Amsterdam.

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Things to Do Near Begijnhofkapel

Scour Through The Amazing Nemo Museum

Located in the Oosterdokseiland neighborhood, Nemo Science Museum is the ideal family-friendly site for indulging in fun and interactive activities. Spread across five floors, the museum has exhibitions, experiments, and workshops that will captivate your interest. The museum is suitable for all ages, so kids and adults can both enjoy their time strolling and exploring. Kids can not only learn inside the museum but also take part in interactive science and tech-based activities which is great for brain development and growth.

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Discover the Dutch History At The Rijksmuseum

The best way to explore and lean into the depths of Dutch history is to visit the Rijksmuseum. It is the national museum of Europe which is home to over 8,000 artifacts exhibited across 80 galleries. Rijksmuseum is a popular tourist attraction that is visited by millions of tourists every year. Discover historic paintings, murals, sculptures, books, costumes, weaponry, and more. Stroll around and admire famous artworks of renowned Dutch artists that are displayed inside the museum.

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Experience A Canal Cruise Sightseeing Tour

Sail across the UNESCO World Heritage canal district in Amsterdam on an exciting canal cruise with your friends, family, or partner. Witness the famous landmarks of the city from a new perspective with an audio-guided commentary available in multiple languages. Witness the iconic bridges and prominent canals such as Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht. Admire the waterfront merchant houses of Dutch traders and other popular attractions during your canal cruise tour. Walk around the stunning neighborhood after your cruise tour ends.

Explore Historic Art At The Rembrandt House Museum

Step inside the former residence of the famous Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn after you toured Begijnhof Chapel in Amsterdam. This former residence-turned-museum displays the most prominent works by Rembrandt and gives tourists a peek into the painter’s life. Art lovers can learn a lot about the late artist by visiting this 17th-century residence with an audio guide available in multiple languages. You will also find artworks by several other notable Dutch artists and contemporaries of Rembrandt during the 17th century.

Marvel At The Historic National Monument

If you’re strolling around Dam Square in Amsterdam, you cannot miss the 22 meters tall National Monument. It is a popular landmark to explore near Begijnhofkapel Amsterdam which holds a lot of national significance. The National Monument was unveiled in 1956 as a remembrance statue to honor the casualties of World War II. It is usually surrounded by tourists admiring the 22 meters tall structure and clicking pictures. The National Remembrance Day of the Dead is held here annually.

Visit the Famous Bloemenmarkt

Once you’re done exploring the Begijnhof chapel, head over to the beautiful and famous Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam, floating on the Singel River. It is the first floating flower market in the world and was founded in 1862. You will be treated by a wide range of colorful flowers and fragrances exuding from the beautiful flowers, upon your visit to the Bloemenmarkt. You can easily pay a visit to this stunning floating flower market after completing your tour of Begijnhofkapel Amsterdam.

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Begijnhofkapel Video

Explore Begijnhofkapel

The Begijnhofkapel, located within the tranquil confines of Amsterdam's Begijnhof courtyard, is a hidden gem steeped in history and serenity. This chapel, dating back to the 17th century, exudes a quiet charm with its graceful architecture and soothing ambiance. Its wooden ceiling adorned with intricate paintings, elegant stained glass windows, and contemplative atmosphere make it a spiritual haven and a cultural treasure. Visitors seeking a peaceful escape from the bustling city find solace here, enveloped in the chapel's hushed beauty and a sense of timelessness, a testament to Amsterdam's rich heritage and the enduring power of sacred spaces.

Know Before You Go Begijnhofkapel

Opening Hours & How to Reach
Visitor's Tips
  • General Timings

9 AM to 5 PM (Daily)

  • Prayer Timings
  • Morning Prayer: 7:30 AM (Monday-Saturday)7:45 AM (Sunday)
  • Evening Prayer: 6:15 PM (Monday-Wednesday)6:10 AM (Thursday) 6:15 AM (Friday)5:40 PM (Saturday-Sunday)
  • How to Reach
  • By Subway: The cheapest way to travel to Begijnhof from the airport is to take the subway which will take about an hour to complete the journey.
  • By Car: The Begijnhof Chapel is only a 20-minute drive away via A10 from Amsterdam airport.
  • By Bus: You can take the B17 bus that departs every 15 minutes from the airport and will take approximately 32 minutes to reach the destination.
  • Distance from Airport: Begijnhofkapel Amsterdam is situated at a distance of about 16 km from the airport.

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  • Best Time to Visit:- April to May and September to November are the best months to visit Begijnhof. - The spring season (April to May) is beautiful to experience Begijnhof with beautiful blooming tulips and favorable weather conditions to explore the city. - Spring witnesses peak tourist rush due to the sunny days and rich nightlife during this time. - Although if you wish to avoid the crowd, you can visit during the fall from September to November.
  • Duration: Visitors can visit the residential buildings and the courtyards daily from 9 AM to 5 PM. You can even explore the nearby attractions in one day such as the Bloemenmarkt, Rijksmuseum, and National Monument, among others. Your tour of Begijnhof courtyards and residential buildings will be completed in about 1 to 2 hours.
  • Photography: Photography is strictly prohibited in the Begijnhof Chapel. Kindly do not film or photograph any residential building and respect the locals’ privacy. Do not carry cameras inside the chapel or use your phone’s camera to film anything that is prohibited.

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What is Begijnhof famous for?

Begijnhof is among the well-known hofjes in Amsterdam which consists of a group of residential buildings constructed around a garden or a courtyard. It is well-known for being the residential place of beguine women in the 16th century who were known as liberated nuns.

Can you take photos in Begijnhofkapel Amsterdam?

No, photography is prohibited and frowned upon in Begijnhofkapel Amsterdam. The locals do not prefer being filmed or having their residences photographed. Be mindful of their privacy and do not film or photograph anything in the Begijnhof area.

Is Begijnhof worth visiting?

A visit to Begijnhof is worth your time and money. It is one of the oldest and most prominent hofjes in Amsterdam which is adorned with 16th and 17th-century buildings and beautiful courtyards. It is a must-visit for tourists exploring the city of Amsterdam.

How long do you need at the Begijnhof?

If you’re visiting Begijnhof, make sure to cover the nearby attractions also. You will be done with your tour of Begijnhof Chapel in a maximum of 2 hours, then you can spend the rest of the tour exploring the adjacent attraction points.

What are the best things to do in Amsterdam with kids?

Explore NEMO Science Museum, Artis Royal Zoo, and boat tours. Enjoy outdoor fun at Vondelpark, visit Efteling theme park, and discover cultures at the Tropenmuseum.


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