Things to Do in Amsterdam With Kids

Things to Do With Kids in Amsterdam

There are multiple child friendly attractions and plethora of exciting things to do in Amsterdam with kids which makes the city one of the top tourist destinations.The city holds significant importance in terms of art, literature and culture. You will find numerous art galleries and museums based on works of famous artists like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Peter Klashort and Vermeer. Visiting these art galleries and museums will surely be an interesting way to spend time with your kids in the city.

Let them explore the works of these famous artists, which will not only expose them to art but also instil a sense of curiosity among them. Try out some of the interesting things to do in Amsterdam with kids like exploring the NEMO Science Museum where children can increase their scientific curiosity in a fun way. Moreover, you can plan a visit to the Jewish Quarters, also known as the Anna Frank House where Anne Frank spent a considerable time in hiding with other jewish people. Also, there are dozens of amusement parks in Amsterdam like the Efteling and Walibi Holland, that are home to scores of rides, adventures and fun activities.

Visit the Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh was a renowned Dutch painter, popular for his eccentric masterpieces and his unconventional personality. One of the top notch things to do in Amsterdam with kids is to visit the Van Gogh Museum, and expose your kids to his great paintings besides hundreds of letters, drawings, and personal belongings. The museum has literally the best of his works including the Starry Night, Sunflower, The Bedroom, The Potato Eaters and Head of a Skeleton with a burning cigarette.

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Take Anne Frank Walk Tours

Those on the lookout to do the best things to do with kids in Amsterdam, must include a tour to Anne Frank house. Take your children through the world described by one of their favourite authors - Anne Frank. A significant part of Anne Frank’s life was set in Amsterdam, where she dwelled for a considerable time in hiding. Going on guided tours and exploring the Jewish neighbourhoods where Anne Frank lived is a great yet saddening experience.

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Take a trip to the Artis Royal Zoo

Going to The Artis Royal Zoo is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Amsterdam with kids. Take your kids on an exciting expedition to explore various animal and marine species in this zoo. Closely follow the zookeepers as they introduce to you wondrous animals like jaguars, Asian elephants, penguins and many more. Moreover, you can also enable your kids to have a space-like experience in the zoo’s Planetarium.

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Explore Micropia

Exploring Micropia Museum is undoubtedly one of the most fun things to do in Amsterdam with kids. At this museum, your kids will come across and encounter the world of microbes. At the Lab Talk, enable your kids to witness the life of microbes and seek answers to questions like - what do they eat, how long they live, and many more. The Museum also lets you collect your own set of microbes of various shapes and sizes.

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Visit the NEMO Science Museum

Visiting the NEMO Science Museum is seriously one of the best things to do with kids in Amsterdam as it helps your children hone their scientific curiosity in a fun way. Enable your kids to don lab coats and take part in a number of scientific experiments, and be a scientist for a day. Your kids will also learn about application of a number of mathematical and computational concepts like online orders and so on. Lastly, enable them to learn about sustainable energy consumption.

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Explore the Rijksmuseum

Exploring the Rijksmuseum is one of the finest things to do in Amsterdam with kids. It is a top notch art museum, housing more than 8000 European art works and having art galleries stretching to more than a kilometre. Watch your kids' enthusiastic and curious faces as they encounter the works of Dutch painters like Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer. Also, you will find a number of sculptures, pottery works and artistic history books in the museum.

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Experience Thrill at Walibi Holland

Walibi Holland is one of the grandest and biggest amusement parks in the Netherlands. Visiting it and indulging in its incredible roller coasters and rides will surely be one of the best things to do in Amsterdam with kids. The Goliath, a highly thrilling roller coaster, is the biggest such coaster in the Netherlands. Other attractions include the Untamed coaster, Crazy River ride and Splash Battle.

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Go on an amazing Canal cruise

Taking a cruise ride on the waters of the canals is simply amazing and one of the popular things to do in Amsterdam with kids. Rejoice as you make your way through the 17th and 1th century styled Dutch houses and buildings. Also, pass by famous landmarks like Anne Frank museums and other art museums. With a canal cruise in Amsterdam, you will be able to get a novel and different glimpse of the city.

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Checkout Efteling

One of the popular things to do with kids in Amsterdam is visiting Efteling Park, one of the greatest fairy tale themed parks in Amsterdam. The Archipel (Island of Adventure) is the greatest hit among kids, which allows them to experience the world of Sinbad and his sea voyages. Other attractions include Symbolica (dark ride), Max and Mortiz (family roller coaster) and the Fairy Tale Forest. The best part is children under the age of 3 can visit here for free.

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Day out to Dam Square

Dam Square is one of the busiest and most important squares in Amsterdam. At the square, you can visit and explore countless attractions like the National Museum, the Royal Palace and the New Church. From the Square, you can also take part in cruises across the Amsterdam Canal which are simply amazing. Lastly, visit other attractions like Madame Tussauds wax museum, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and the Beehive departmental store.

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Visit Zaanse Schans Museum

Zaanse Museum is a wonderful place to discover the history of Zaans Schans and is one of the most interesting things to do in Amsterdam with kids. Explore various exhibits like ‘the Zaan Region Really Makes It’, which shows how industrialization changed the total look of the city. You can also visit the beauty of the Weaver House and the Windmill.

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Enjoy an escape at Vondelpark

If you are looking for interesting things to do with kids in Amsterdam away from the bustle of the city, you must definitely visit Vondelpark. Encounter and play with a number of animals and birds that can be found at the VOndelpark. At Dee Roos, you can take part in a number of meditation and yoga retreats. Plus, in case your kids have interest in equine, you must definitely visit the Hollandsche Manege.

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Know Before You Visit Amsterdam

How to Get Around
  • Summer - The summer months in Amsterdam fall between June to August, and are relatively warmer.
  • Autumn - The autumn months are September, October and November when the temperature is relatively cooler and pleasant.
  • Winter - The winter months are from December to February, and at this time the temperature falls significantly. The days are short and dark, and the city experiences significant snowfall.
  • Spring - Spring occurs in the months of March, April and May, when the city experiences cooler temperatures.
  • Public Transport - Amsterdam is a hub for some of the world-class public transport systems. Among others, the public transport comprises metros, buses, ferries, trams and trains. In case you are looking to save on your travelling costs, you can obtain the I Amsterdam City Card, which gives you unlimited access to the city’s public transport.
  • Taxis - Taxis can be one of the best and most efficient ways to travel across Amsterdam, especially at times when public transport has receded.
  • Bike - Cycling can be a cost effective way to get around this Dutch city. Moreover, it will also help you explore the city at your own pace.
  • Rentals - Renting a car, a cycle, or even boat is an effective way to travel around in the city. Ensure that you are eligible and have suitable documents regarding the same.

Looking for how to reach Amsterdam? Find the best ways to travel to this vibrant city and embark on your adventure, whether by air, train, or road, to experience the beauty and charm it has to offer.

Visitors Tips For Things to Do in Amsterdam for Kids

  • Make sure to book your travel and attraction tickets online in advance to ensure your entry slots on your preferred date and time. It will also help you avail a number of attractive discounts to save on your pocket.
  • Opt for public transport or bike rentals to get around in the city. You can also make the I Amsterdam City Card to save on your travel cost.
  • Make certain to take the Amsterdam Canal Cruise, which is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam with kids and lets you explore the city in a different way.
  • Always carry an umbrella and a light sweater or jacket in hand as it can get a little chilly in the evening.
  • Instead of fine dining, you can choose to dine at local restaurants to save on your money.


What are the best Things to Do in Amsterdam With Kids?

  • Explore Van Gogh Museum - A trip to Amsterdam remains incomplete without exploring the works of Van Gogh. Take your kids to the Van Gogh Museum, which displays some of his best works and let your kids admire the eccentricity and uniqueness of his masterpieces.
  • Enjoy Roller Coasters at Walibi Holland - Indulging in the thrilling rides of Walibi Holland is definitely the best things to do in Amsterdam with kids. Take part in its numerous roller coasters with your kids, including the Goliath, which is Netherland’s largest roller coaster.
  • Hop on to Canal Cruises - One of the top things to do with kids in Amsterdam is to sail on cruises in Canal that enable them to explore Amsterdam. Watch them take pleasure in exploring the stunning Amsteradm sceneries, along with its numerous attractions.
  • Visit Efteling - Efteling is a top notch fairytale-themed amusement park, and visiting it is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam with kids. Take them on adventurous expeditions in the fairy world, including the sea voyage of Sinbad the Sailor.

What are the best things to see and do in Amsterdam?

One of the best things to do in Amsterdam with kids is to go on enchanting canal cruises, and explore the stunning urban sprawl of this Dutch city. You can also get down at the Jewish Quarters, where the legendary author Anne Frank dwelled for a considerable time. Moreover, one can definitely visit the countless museums Amsterdam has, like the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Rembrandt Museum. Some other things to do with kids in Amsterdam include visiting the adventure and amusement parks of the city like the Walibi Holland, Efteling and Vondelpark.

What are the best parks and nature areas in Amsterdam?

Vondelpark is one of the biggest and most visited natural parks in Amsterdam. In its green cover, tourists can take part in a number of activities like horse riding, simple dining and even in spiritual and yoga retreats. Apart from Vondelpark, you can also find other nature-based areas like Hortus Botanicus, Amstelpark, Rijksmuseum Gardens and the Amsterdam Canal.

What are some Do and don'ts in Amsterdam?

Make sure to book your travel tickets in advance so that you don't face any problems between you tour.Do lock your bike twice.In case you rent a bike, make sure to ride it only in the bike lane. Riding it on the sidewalks can be troublesome and annoying.Don't walk in cycle paths.Don’t buy a bike from an unofficial source

Is Amsterdam a good place to visit with kids?

Yes, Amsterdam is an amazing place to go with kids as there are multiple kids friendly attractions. One of the best things to do in Amsterdam with kids is to take them to amusement parks like the Vondelparks, Efteling and Walibi Holland. There are a number of science-based places like NEMO Science and Micropia that help your kids learn science in an interesting way.


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