Amsterdam Canal Cruises

Uncover the Magic with Amsterdam Canal Cruises

Amsterdam Canal cruise is one of the most extraordinary ways to relish up on the outstanding beauty of this European capital. Admire the best of city views, its majestic landmarks, enthralling museums and monuments whilst on a serene cruises excursion. The cruises expedition also comes with delicious cheese and wine to give you company.

The best canal cruises Amsterdam is the evening cruises. As the sun sets, catch a glimpse of the ethereal golden hour and admire the escalating views of the city on your cruises. The cruises trips are also available for kids. Help them learn about the Dutch marvels with entertaining and narrative audiobook tours and let them enjoy the most intriguing edutainment trip ever.

On your city canal cruises, you will come across the most sought after landmarks like the old merchant houses of the 17th century, the splendid Anne Frank museum, skinny bridge and more. The canal cruises expeditions are also listed in UNESCO Heritage activities and come under the most fabulous recreational activities that you can ever indulge in. Enjoy a lavish hop on off canal cruises Amsterdam and enjoy delicious cheese and exquisite wines as well. The cruises exertion is the finest way to admire the ethereal beauty of Amsterdam.

Types of Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

City Canal Cruises

There are plenty of locations where you can indulge in canal cruises Amsterdam. It is one fascinating way to explore the city and marvel at its historic buildings and landmarks. The city canal cruise has been rated as a UNESCO Heritage activity that you should try out in Amsterdam. What makes canal cruise Amsterdam so special, is its 75 minute tour of the entire historic city. Pass through different canals and capture majestic views of the Westerkerk, skinny bridge and more. We bring you a list of the best canal cruise Amsterdam excursions that you can try out in your Amsterdam excursion.

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Evening Cruise

There is not a sight more splendid than Amsterdam at night. When the city, its streets and landmarks lit up in the night sky, the enthralling view can be enjoyed on a pleasant Amsterdam excursion. The evening cruise will take you on a splendid excursion whilst the audio book will give you a virtual tour of other landmarks as you pass by them. This 90 minute cruise is one of the finest experiences amongst canal cruises Amsterdam wherein you can order for sumptuous drinks and snacks to munch on. Spend a romantic time on this evening cruise and make unforgettable memories at Amsterdam evening canal cruise.

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Hop on Hop off Cruise

The fantastic hop on hop off canal cruise Amsterdam is one of the best experiences that you and your family can hop in for. This canal cruise experience has a ticket validity for 24 hours and allows you to experience the venture at our own leisure. Marvel at the spectacular views of Amsterdam’s best museum like the Van Gogh museum and the historic merchant houses and landmarks. The canal cruise is a serene experience, wherein the audio books available in 19 different languages helps you understand the Dutch landmarks and their history more closely.

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New York Pizza Cruise

While you munch on delicious and cheesy New York pizza this fantastic canal cruises Amsterdam will take you on a sightseeing tour. Witness some of the most extraordinary merchant houses, historic monuments, skinny bridges, Anne Frank house and other exquisite attractions. The New York pizza cruise usually starts during the evening, and gives you a glimpse of the most serene sunset and golden hours. Guests can enjoy a lavish menu on this cruise, which includes the fantastic Pizza Margherita, Pizza Pepperoni. Pizza Hawaii, Pizza Chili Chicken and Pizza Californian Veggie. This is one of the best canal cruises Amsterdam that you can try out.

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Drag Queen Bingo Cruise

Enjoy the most spectacular canal cruises Amsterdam excursion in this historic city, whilst playing the best of board games. A fun bingo game with characters cosplaying Drag Queen Skyla and host Coby promises to make your evening even more memorable. This cruise will pass through some of the most archaic landmarks like merchants houses, historic government buildings and bridges of Amsterdam. The Drag Queen makes its way in the list of the most exquisite canal cruises Amsterdam experiences that you can hop in. Enjoy a fantastic game of bingo, and unlimited sumptuous drinks, best of red wines and Europe’s best beers on your excursion.

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Kids Cruise

Engage your kids in the most fabulous canal cruises Amsterdam experience of their life and indulge them in the most extraordinary edutainment trip of the city. This 75 minute cruise is one of the most sought after and the best canal cruises Amsterdam because it takes you to the city on a themed pirate boat. Let your kids enjoy the story of Johnny the mouse and their friend cat Harold. This is the best way to marvel at the greatness of the Dutch encompassed in a fun pirate spotting activity for your kids. The edutainment trip will definitely help them learn more about this European paradise.

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Wine and Cheese Cruise

Making its way in the list of the best canal cruises Amsterdam the extraordinary wine and cheese canal cruises Amsterdam is another splendid way to enjoy the amusing views of this European capital. This delightful 90 minute excursion introduced Amsterdam's best cheese and exquisite wine collection. So while tasting the most sumptuous cheese and sipping on the best of wines, experience the ethereal views of the majestic Amsterdam landmarks. This exquisite cruise experience is also one of UNESCO heritage activities that you can try out.

Blue Sky Boat

The blue sky boat is quite different from the usual canal cruises Amsterdam experiences. The boat is not covered by any shade, and allows seating spaces for over 30 people. As the boat advances, you will have the unobstructed views of Amsterdam’s best landmarks and magical locations from age-old museums to amusing beer factories. The Blue sky boat is a spectacular way to marvel at the Amsterdam cityscape during your visit. Enjoy a 75 minute excursion, with your captain guiding through the splendid landmarks on your boat cruise.

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Unlock the Secrets of Amsterdam Dungeons

Amsterdam Canals

On a splendid Amsterdam canal cruises explore the most amusing and unobstructed views of the awe-inspiring Amsterdam canals, as the city is known across the world for its majestic canals. The 17th century canal cruise belt also comes under the list of the most beautiful UNESCO Heritage sites. Some of the most fabulous canals are the gentleman's canal, emperor’s canal and the exquisite prince’s canal. A canal cruise is the perfect way to soak up on the obstructed views of the landmarks surrounding you.

Anne Frank House

Amsterdam’s best, the spectacular Anne Frank house is an amazing museum that you should definitely discover. This museum was once the house where Anne Frank seeked refuge from the gruesome Nazis. Discover the hidden annex up in the attic where the 14 year old lived the last few days of her life and wrote the infamous, the story of my life. Anne Frank museum, is one of the most sought after locations and a peek into the gruesome World War II times.

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NEMO Museum

For science geeks the fabulous NEMO Science museum is another one such spectacular landmark that you can discover in this city of canals. This exquisite museum has a rooftop viewing avenue from where you can catch a glimpse of the entire Amsterdam cityscape. The NEMO Museum houses creative workshops and demonstrations, easily explaining the working and construction of some of the most amazing scientific marvels around the world. The NEMO museum has labs where you can try out different chemistry experiments and have a splendid edutainment trip.

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Maritime Museum

The Maritime museum of Amsterdam gives you a peek into the fabulous maritime collection of the impressive Dutch sailors. Discover humongous ships and learn about their construction and architecture during your time here. Marvel at the archaic paintings, ship models and navigation instruments which were used by the ship sailors in the past. Discover the ship trading in the Atalnatic and Pacific seas and make splendid memories here. The Maritime museum is one of the most fabulous landmarks to explore in your canal cruise Amsterdam excursion.

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Amstel River

The Amstel River is a fantastic river that flows through the capital city and gives way to the majority of the canal belts spread over Amsterdam. This beautiful river houses a number of important landmarks on its side pavements. The Amstel river flows between Nieuwveen and Amsterdam and gives way to a number of dams, offering a serene view of the city. On either side of the river there are spectacular lanes above the sea level, where tourists and locals love to stroll and cycle while marveling at the landmarks.

Magere Brug

The most common name heard on the canal cruises Amsterdam is the spectacular Magere Brug or as the locals like to call it, the skinny bridge. This bridge connects the river Kerkstraat with the rest of the capital. The skinny bridge has narrow pavements which can barely fit two pedestrians and thus it was named so. The middle section of the bridge is constructed of white painted wood. This is one of the most amazing landmarks that a canal cruise will pass through.

De Negen Straatjes

The historic town avenue of De Negen Straatjes makes its way in the list of UNESCO Heritage locations. This enthralling city square houses the best old landmark, museum and age old settlement of the 17th century European merchants. In here you can discover a plethora of cheese shops and old wine shops highlighting Amsteram’s best. Relish in the age-old ambiance of this location and indulge in a shopping excursion at the best of European shops in order to purchase the best merchandise.

Dancing Houses

On one of the best canal cruises Amsterdam discover the historically significant landmark, the Dancing houses. This beautiful attraction was made in 1996 by one of the best architects of Prague. The unusual shape of the building, with its twisted structure gave way to its name and popularity. This structure was constructed in the place of the house which were bombed by the U.S during the early 1900s and thus this makes it one of the most extraordinary landmarks to visit in your Amsterdam itinerary.

Royal Theater Carré

Catch a glimpse of the most entertaining cabaret shows and theatrical performances at the Royal Theater Carre. This extraordinary attraction was earlier a circus, but now is the entertainment hub in Amsterdam. At Royal Theater Carre you will get to admire the best of the neo-renaissance architecture. Continuing the legacy of performing the best of cabaret shows, the royal theater is a spectacular recreational center you should definitely visit

Tips for Visitors

  • Avoid booking for tickets and waiting in the long queue. Book for your canal cruise tickets online and enjoy discounts.
  • Follow covid guidelines strictly and wear masks at all times. Maintain social distancing and regularly sanitize your hands.
  • Visitors are requested to reach the boarding destination 15 minutes prior to the ride.

  • Visitors are requested to carry a hardcopy of their tickets and check for the correct boarding times, inclusions and exclusions.

  • International tourists are requested to carry ID at all times.


Is it important to book Amsterdam Canal Cruises tickets in advance?

No, visitors can also book for canal cruise Amsterdam offline at the booking counter. However due to the covid guidelines and to avoid the long queues it is advised to book the tickets online and enjoy discounts and other exclusive inclusions in advance.

What is the duration for canal cruises in Amsterdam?

The canal cruise Amsterdam lasts for about 75 minutes. The entire scenic excursion will take you on a tour of the entire city. Discover the fabulous age old landmarks and marvel at the archaic museum and more while munching and sipping on delicious snack delights.

Is the Amsterdam Canal Cruises wheelchair accessible?

Yes, canal cruise Amsterdam is wheelchair accessible. You can ask for the wheelchair at the booking counter and enjoy the facility.

Is the Amsterdam Canal Cruises worth experiencing?

Yes, the Amsterdam Canal cruises is one of the most fascinating ways to admire the city's exquisite landmarks, majestic museums, old merchant houses and other spectacular attractions. We bring you a list of the best canal cruises Amsterdam which will give you a promising tour of this scenic city. Canal cruises are also UNESCO Heritage activities that should definitely indulge in while visiting this European paradise.

Can I feel seasick during the Amsterdam Canal Cruises?

Yes, it is a common thing to feel sea sick during the Amsterdam Canal cruises. In such cases, you can seek the help of the captain and services on board. Visitors are required to carry paper bags in such case


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