Royal Palace Amsterdam

Unraveling The Majesty of The Royal Palace Amsterdam

The Royal Palace Amsterdam symbolises the Great European History, and many stories about architecture, sculptures, paintings, and artefacts that adorn the palace. During Dutch Golden Age, the Royal Palace was also known as the Town Hall of magistrates in Amsterdam. It is also the most prominent government and secular building in Europe and the palace is now inhabited by the Dutch Royal family.

The Palace is open to tourists through various guided tours of the palace and museum to make the public at large aware of the various exciting aspects of the palace. You can discover a rich part of the Royal Palace and the legacies left by its successive occupants – the Palace of the House of Orange for the past 2 centuries, Imperial Palace for 5 Years, Amsterdam’s Town Hall for 150 years and The French Royal.

In the 17th century, some of the most distinguished artists made paintings and sculptures. In 1808, the building was converted into a Palace with a superb collection of chandeliers, clocks and Empire furniture from that period. The Empire furniture collection is one of the most complete and preserved collections in the world. Rooms of the Royal Palace are decorated with artwork from the collection of the House of Orange-Nassau Historic Collections Trust.

History of The Royal Palace Amsterdam

The history of Royal Palace Amsterdam history can be bifurcated into 4 periods:

  • A new city hall – 1648

The Royal Palace was initially built as a city hall to cater to magistrates and burgomasters of Amsterdam. That time, there were only two completed and decorated floors. The interiors were contributed by several famous painters of that era, and renowned sculptors were brought to symbolise the power of the Dutch Republic and Amsterdam.-

  • City Hall to Royal Palace – 1808

The building served as a city hall for 150 years and it was in 1768 that it was used as a palace for a few days, when Prince William V, stadtholder of the Netherlands and his wife Wilhelmina of Prussia, was given a Royal welcome.

In 1808, the Royal Palace was taken over by Louis Bonaparte, Emperor Napoleon’s brother. After that, the Palace was redesigned. The emperor styled redecoration which was supervised by architect J.T. Thibault. It was at that time that the Royal Museum was also established in the palace.

  • King Willem I – 1813

After the fall of Napoleon, King Willem I took over and returned the Palace to Amsterdam and the Palace was made available for Royal use again. After 1936, the Royal building was anchored as the state property.-

  • The Royal Palace Today

Presently, the Palace of Amsterdam is used for official and entertaining functions like New Year receptions, and state visits. The Royal Palace is open to the public and also hosts exhibitions. It offers the setting for the presentation of the Prince Claus Award, The Royal Awards for Painting, the Silver Carnation, and The Erasmus Prize.

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The architecture of The Royal Palace of Amsterdam

The architecture of the Royal Palace is in the Dutch classicist style. The Palace is symmetrical around a central axis and also features classical columns.

The sculptures and artworks of Royal Palace Amsterdam symbolise good justice, commerce and governance.

  • Façade – The composition of the palace is harmonious and meets the ideal classical proportions.

  • Sculptures – Building’s bright structure is so overwhelming that the structure's beauty hardly stands out. The sculptures are made of bronze and marble.

  • Dome – Royal Palace has a tall dome above the middle part from which one can see the arrival of ships. A windshield crowns the dome of the Palace in the shape of a coffin.

Places to Visit Near The Royal Palace Amsterdam

Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

Madame Tussauds is an exclusive attraction, with various awe-inspiring waxworks. There are floors of famous personalities from iconic actors, world leaders, sporting heroes and Bollywood stars. The waxwork is impressive, but the statues are designed to represent a particular period of the celebrity’s life. There is a small corner where you will get to know how waxwork is done. People usually walk around and pose with the wax statues of the celebrities they admire. The point of attraction here is to soak in the essence of each personality and imagine what they may have felt or said.

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Ripley’s believe it or not!

Experience museum and attraction in one at Ripley’s believe it or not!It has a mesmerising view over Dam Square in the designer lounge. Ripley’s Believe it or not! is the only space tunnel in the Netherlands. The place showcases the world’s most remarkable collection of humans, artistic, scientific and natural oddities. Same as a time capsule, the imposing Ripley’s believe it or not, merges the essence of contemporary art and ancient civilization in an attempt to preserve the treasures for future generations. The place is one of the weirdest spots in Amsterdam, but a must-see, if you are interested in facts.

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Van Gogh Museum

The Amsterdam Museum maintains the world’s most extensive collection of the most famous artists of the world – Vincent van Gogh, his letters, drawings and paintings made with the art of his contemporaries. Van Gogh Museum features more than 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and the work of other artists, his contemporaries – Postimpressionists and Expressionists. The work of Van Gogh is organised in chronological order of five periods, every period representing a different period of the work and life.

Do not miss the museum, even if you are not a big fan of Vincent Van Gogh. The building of the Van Gogh Museum gives a brilliant space for visitors to admire the famous artwork. The building is so big that you will always find yourself in the private moment to advise the work.

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Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is a museum with a story behind it. It is the house where Anne and her family hid from the Nazis; now, it is among Amsterdam's most visited sites.The tourists experience the story of Anne Frank via film clips, photos, quotes, and original items like the diaries, images in Anne’s room, bookcase etc. The museum has an authentic atmosphere and contains various special items like objects belonging to the Frank family, pictures, letters, unique items and the items related to the people who helped them. Tourists can visit both museums and houses where they can experience the entire story of Anne.

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Heineken Experience

Heineken Experience is housed inside a historic brewery in the middle of Amsterdam. This fantastic museum will take you through an exciting, behind the scenes journey via the wild world of Europe’s most popular pilsners.Heineken Experience is home to various breweries and a perfect place for beer tasting. They offer four floors of historical brewing artefacts and tasting bars. Heineken Experience also offers ‘Brew Your Ride’ and a 4D adventure which allows tourists to discover what it is like to be a bottle of Heineken. With a small charge, you can learn about the famous pilsner and can drink as much as you want. The significant part is a matter of taste, most of you will like its light-hearted nature, and some of you might not.

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Dam Square

Dam Square is the beating heart of Amsterdam. Compared to the old days, Dam Square is not very peaceful and is home to scores of pigeons and street performers.Once, Dam Square was the central marketplace of Amsterdam, where everything was sold under the moon. Now Dam Square is the ideal first stop interposed by various local attractions like De Bijenkorf for shopping, the New Church of the 15th century, The Royal Palace Amsterdam, and The National Monument. Various shopping areas are also located around Dam Square like Kalverstraat, Rokin, Nieuwendijk, Magna Plaza, De 9 Straatjes, and De Bijenkorf, from where you can enjoy endless shopping.

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Know Before You Go to The Royal Palace

Essential Information
How to Reach
Best Time to Visit
Tips to Visit
Nearby Restaurants
Nearby Hotels

Location: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, RJ Amsterdam, Netherlands, Near Dam square

Timings: The Royal Palace Amsterdam opening hours are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday closed)

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  • By Bus: To reach the palace, one can board a bus from Amsterdam, Raadhuisstraat/Dam. The bus reaches the destination in 10-15 minutes.

  • By Rail: The Royal Palace is located at the heart of Amsterdam and to reach there one can take a light rail from Amsterdam, Paleisstraat/Dam. Consider opting for a travel card to ease out the travel. Line 17 will take you to the Royal Palace in about 4 minutes.

  • By Taxi: Take a taxi from the Airport to reach the palace which is just 15 minutes away. However, hiring a taxi will cost much particularly if you are on a limited budget.

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The best time to visit Royal Palace Amsterdam is during the spring and summer months when the weather is milder and more conducive to outdoor activities. The palace is open to the public year-round, but it is particularly busy during peak tourist season in July and August. 

To avoid crowds and long lines, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of May and September when the weather is still pleasant but tourist numbers are lower. 

Additionally, there may be special exhibits or events happening at the palace during certain times of the year, so it's worth checking the website for information on upcoming events. Overall, the best time to visit depends on personal preference and priorities.

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  • Book your tickets in advance to avoid long lines and ensure entry.
  • Consider taking a guided tour to learn more about the palace's history and significance.
  • Check the palace's website for information on special exhibits or events that may be happening during your visit.
  • Bring a camera to capture the stunning architecture and interior design.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking involved.
  • Respect the palace's rules and regulations, such as no photography in certain areas.
  • Arrive early in the day to avoid crowds and have more time to explore.
  • Take advantage of the audio guide to enhance your experience and understanding of the palace.
  • Bring a light jacket or sweater as some areas of the palace may be cooler.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to fully appreciate the palace's grandeur and beauty.

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  • Mr Porter Amsterdam – This fine dining restaurant is excellent for evening drinks and dinner. Famous food items are sashimi platters, steak of various styles, and local food.

  • L’invite – It is the best place to enjoy a perfect full course meal that is carefully planned with various kinds of wine to match each platter. L’invite offers a 7-course meal which is specialised in Dutch cuisine. It is a perfect family restaurant.

  • T Nieuwe Kafe – A refreshing café perfect for friends and family, offers an outdoor seating facility with a direct view of Dam Square. T Nieuwe Kafe is a Dutch-style restaurant famous for Lunch courses and breakfast. Top picks include coffee, quiche, fluffy omelette and much more.

  • Ice Bakery Paleis - Ice Bakery Paleis is famous for its Dutch waffles, pancakes, pastries, and savoury pretzels.

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  • Nova Hotel - Nova Hotel is a clean and pleasant place to stay if you are exhausted and looking for a traditional European hotel. They are equipped with modern luxury amenities with relaxing baths and good beds that will help you come back to your senses from the jet lag.

  • Canalhouse Studio – Dating back to 1703, Canalhouse Studio is a cosy and quaint studio apartment located on one of the most famous canals near the Amstel River. It is a perfect place for solo travellers and couples. The hotel is only a few minutes walk from Royal Palace Amsterdam.

  • W Amsterdam - W Amsterdam offers a luxurious stay with a great view, elegant baths, and a soft bed with rooftop bar and chic restaurant. W Amsterdam is located a few minutes' walk from Dam Square, Royal Palace Amsterdam and other famous attractions.

  • Hotel Estherea - Hotel Estherea offers clean and sophisticated rooms perfect for everyone. You can enjoy better food, good hospitality and an unpretentious atmosphere.

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Can you take photos of the Royal Palace of Amsterdam?

Photos can be captured at Royal Palace Amsterdam but with certain restrictions. Tourists and visitors can use their camera or mobile phone to capture photos but are not allowed to capture pictures using a flashlight, tripod stand and a selfie stick. Using prohibited items for taking pictures can be punishable.

How long do you need at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam?

To see the complete building, you need at least 1 or 2 hours. It also depends on the number of tourists and your course. The duration of the visit to the Royal Palace also depends on the weather conditions. In case there are more tourists or a deterioration in the weather conditions, then it is advisable to wait for the instructions from officials.

Should you buy Royal Palace of Amsterdam tickets in advance?

Yes, you should buy Royal Palace Amsterdam tickets in advance as it will save your time. You might encounter a long queue at the Royal Palace's ticket counter. So, to avoid the hustle and save your time, you can always go for online advance ticket booking. And if you are booking a ticket via an online platform, you can also avail of some attractive discounts.

Is The Royal Palace of Amsterdam worth Visiting?

If you are an avid history buff, visiting Royal Palace Amsterdam is a bonus. The Palace is kept in top shape for the tourists and visitors. The Palace of Amsterdam is open for public visits, and numerous tours happen daily. You can see various sculptures and artefacts in this palace.

What are the best things to do in Amsterdam?

Here is the list of best things to do in Amsterdam:- Experience the Leidseplein- Visit the House of Bols Amsterdam- Enjoy at Het Amsterdamse Bos- Explore the Westerkerk Church


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