Het Amsterdamse Bos

About Het Amsterdamse Bos

Het Amsterdamse Bos is a holiday park situated on the southern edge of the Amsterdams forest. It spans one thousand hectares and is one of the largest city parks in Europe, where you can seek refuge from the stresses of daily life. The park offers fresh air, picturesque views, and various interesting programs and activities. It is a nature lover's paradise dotted with wet and dry patches, reed land, wooded areas, grassland, and open water. It has plenty of grassy areas to enjoy a picnic, lakes for a boat ride, and trails for an afternoon jog or a long walk. At the centre of the Amsterdamse Bos, you'll find a goat farm that houses different breeds of goats. The park also features an outdoor theatre where you can enjoy plays and concerts during the summer.The Amsterdamse Bos has its own Big Five: the marsh harrier, the Scottish Highlander, the kingfisher, the grass snake, and the squirrel. There is also a campsite on the southern edge of the park where you can spend the night in the middle of nature. It also features the high rope adventure park, where you move through the trees on ladders, bridges, ropes, and zip lines.

Things to Do at Het Amsterdamse Bos

Visit Goat Farm

Mingle with different breeds of goats and learn how to manage a homestead by visiting Goat Farm. The goat farm has hundred dairy goats, sixty lambs, pigs, laying hens and chicks, cows and a calf, a pony, and a horse. It has a farm shop from where you can buy some of the best farm products. There is also a vegetable garden where organic vegetables and herbs are grown.

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Do Some Adventures at Fun Forest

Encourage your kids to get physically active and have lots of fun at Fun Forest Climbing Park. The park has nine 4 to 15 metres high courses of various difficulty levels and is the perfect spot for children's parties. Flaunt your climbing skills as you move through the trees on ladders, bridges, ropes, and zip lines. You can also enjoy delicious lunch or barbeque at the BOSS Kitchen.

Go For Mini Captain

Launch your ship on the waterways like a real Captain by heading to the Mini Captain zone that is situated in Grote Vijver. If you're able to navigate the waterways calmly, you can even earn a 'real' captain's diploma. You can also take a trip through the beautiful areas of Amsterdamse Bos on a 'Sit On Canoe.'

Explore With Excursions

Unveil the hidden wonders of Amsterdamse Bos by taking a tour of the park through excursion boats. The excursion boats give you a chance to take in the incredible sights of the park without battling the crowds. From May to September, you can navigate all the waterways in the park and have the best water-based adventure.


If you're looking to cool off and have some splashy fun, the swimming section of the Grote Vijver can be the dream destination. The waters here are fairly shallow and clear, so paddling here is a must for even the timidest swimmers. The Klein Kinderbad and Groot Kinderbad are two outside paddling pools for kids that remain open from May to August/September.

Enjoy At Outdoor Theatre

Escape those stuffy, cold theatre walls and enjoy magical performances under a blanket of stars at the outdoor Amsterdamse Bostheater. From July to August, you can enjoy a special theatrical performance amidst the forest. You can also enjoy a pre-theatre dinner on stage while admiring the beautiful surroundings.

Ride With Museumtram

One of the best ways to arrive at Het Amsterdamse Bos is by riding the Museumtram. The Museum Tram departs every Sunday from Haarlemmermeer station and takes you to the Amsterdamse Bos. Outside regular hours, you can also enjoy themed rides such as the Christmas, Oliebollen rides, Sinterklaas, and 'Museumtram by Night.'

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Eat At Boerderij Meerzicht

If you want to have a lavish brunch or breakfast while enjoying the splendid views, you must head to Boerderij Meerzicht (Meerzicht Farm). Boerderij Meerzicht holds a reputation for serving the best pancakes in Amsterdam. You can also enjoy a brewing cup of coffee, fresh salad, mint tea, and tasty sandwiches. While you relish your food, you can see the peacocks, hens, and rabbits strutting around the yard.

Visit De Boswinkel

Whether you have forest-related queries or want help navigating the park, the staff at De Boswinkel can resolve all your doubts. De Boswinkel is located at the main entrance and is characterised by its curved wooden finish and dome shape. You can buy maps, wooden products, and souvenirs at budget-friendly prices over here.


Navigating the Het Amsterdamse Bos from the waterside is one of the experiences that will remain etched in your memory lane forever. Paddle through the waterways of the Amsterdamse Bos and discover the hidden wonders of the park. The water bike and canoe rental are located at the edge of the Grote Speelweide along the Grote Vijver. You can also combine your canoeing experience with a brunch, barbecue, or picnic on the water terrace.

Visit The Maze

If the thought of getting lost in a multi-acre labyrinth excites you, then you must visit The Maze. It was designed by the British puzzle designer Adrian Fisher and comprises five junctions that lead the visitors in a certain direction. You can also enjoy a picnic in this area and see native breeds of cattle grazing in the surrounding meadows.

Enjoy At Play Islands

If you're looking to have the best water adventures, you can head to Play Islands. You can enjoy various water-based activities like swimming, boating, and paddleboarding. There are rope ladders and logs across the water that kids can climb to get across to the island. You can also find self-powered ferries and a flying fox that goes over the water.

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Het Amsterdamse Bos

Explore Het Amsterdamse Bos

Het Amsterdamse Bos, or Amsterdam Forest, is a verdant oasis nestled on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Spanning over 1,000 hectares, it offers a diverse natural haven for both locals and visitors. With lush forests, serene lakes, and meandering trails, the park is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Activities range from cycling, hiking, and picnicking to paddle boating and horseback riding. Sculpture gardens, a petting zoo, and an open-air theater provide cultural engagement. Whether you seek tranquility amid nature or dynamic recreational experiences, Het Amsterdamse Bos promises a retreat from urban life, inviting you to embrace the beauty of this enchanting green expanse.

History of Het Amsterdamse Bos

  • The Het Amsterdamse Bos came into existence during the crisis years in the 1930s.
  • The best thing about this park is that all the trees have been planted by hand.
  • The inspiration for the park came from botanist Jac. P. Thijsse, who wanted to create a green area in the city.
  • The local government took his vision forward and decided to build a proper city park.
  • The park's construction provided work for more than twenty thousand unemployed people.
  • Het Amsterdamse Bos was built in the English landscape style with winding streams, rolling meadows, and curved forest fringes.

Plan Your Visit To Het Amsterdamse Bos

Essential Information
How To Reach


Kleine Noorddijk 11187 NZ Amstelveen


Monday- 9 am to 7 pm, Tuesday to Sunday- 9 am to 6 pm

Best Time To Visit

Opening hours are the best time to visit Het Amsterdamse Bos, as the attraction is relatively empty and crowd-free giving you a chance to explore the park at your own pace. Avoid visiting the park during the weekends if you want to have a crowd-free experience.

  • By Bus

You can take a bus from Amsterdam Central Station. Get down at the Het Amsterdamse Bos stop near the crossing of Van Nijenrodeweg. From here, you'll have to walk for around five minutes to reach the Amsterdamse Bos.

  • By Bike

You can take the bike from the city centre, and you'll reach Amsterdamse Bos in approximately twenty minutes.


Which are the nature reserve areas in Het Amsterdamse Bos?

  • Ecological connection zone- It has nature-friendly banks, fauna passages, and pools.
  • Blossom park- features four hundred cherry trees.
  • Schinkelbos- serves as an ecological connecting route.
  • Scottish grazing- grazing site for Scottish Highlanders.
  • Bird Island- features a great diversity of birds and plants.
  • Amstelveen Pool- a peat lake used for coppice, horticulture and moss extraction.
  • The Sun Meadow- a city park where you can sunbathe naked.
  • Polder lake view- a remnant of the old landscape of Het Amsterdamse Bos.

What are the various Flora and Fauna found in Het Amsterdamse Bos ?

  • Lime oaks and currant trees.
  • Special tulip tree that was planted in honour of the forest's architect Jacoba Mulder.
  • Mustelids, such as weasels, stoats, and polecats.
  • Green woodpeckers and songbirds.
  • Grass snakes, toads, salamanders, and frogs.
  • Buntings, tawny owls, reed warblers, buzzards, sparrow hawks, and hawks.
  • 5 Exmoor ponies.
  • Birch and willows.
  • Goats, pigs, ducks, and rabbits.

What is Het Amsterdamse Bos?

The Het Amsterdamse Bos is a man-made landscape park with lush forests, grassy meadows, and well-marked cycling and walking paths. You can spot over 200 species of birds and 150 indigenous species of trees. It also has an outdoor theatre where you can enjoy spectacular performances amidst the lush greenery. You can enjoy boat excursions, picnics, canoeing, and swimming.

Where can you swim in Amsterdamse Bos?

In Het Amsterdamse Bos, you can swim in the swimming section of the Grote Vijver. The Klein Kinderbad and Groot Kinderbad are two outside paddling pools for kids.

How to reach Het Amsterdamse Bos?

  • By BusBuses depart from Amsterdam Central Station to the Amsterdamse Bos stop every ten minutes. Once you reach the Amsterdamse Bos stop, you'll have to walk for around five minutes to reach the Amsterdamse Bos.

  • By CarHet Amsterdamse Bos is easily accessible by car from all parts of the city. Once you reach Amsterdamse Bos, park your car at the designated parking area.


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