Eye Film Museum

Overview of Eye Film Museum

The Eye Film Museum, located in Amsterdam, is a captivating destination for film enthusiasts and art lovers alike. It serves as a cultural hub dedicated to preserving, celebrating, and exploring the world of film.

The museum showcases an extensive collection of films, archives, and exhibits that span the history of cinema. It houses a diverse range of cinematic artifacts, including rare films, posters, costumes, and props, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of the medium.

At Eye Film Museum, visitors can journey through the evolution of film, from its early beginnings to contemporary masterpieces. The museum offers a dynamic program of screenings, retrospectives, and exhibitions that showcase iconic films, ground breaking directors, and emerging talent.

In addition to its collection, the museum provides interactive experiences and educational activities for visitors of all ages. Interactive exhibits allow visitors to explore the technical aspects of filmmaking, offering insights into cinematography, sound design, and special effects.

The Eye Film Museum also hosts festivals, conferences, and special events that bring together film professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. It serves as a platform for dialogue, discussion, and innovation in the field of cinema.

With its iconic architecture and panoramic views of Amsterdam, the Eye Film Museum offers a breathtaking setting for film lovers to engage with the magic of the silver screen. It is a place where film history comes to life, and where the art of storytelling is celebrated in all its forms.

What Can You Experience at the Eye Film Museum?

Temporary Exhibition

The museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions that explore various aspects of film culture, history, and art. These exhibitions feature curated displays, interactive installations, and multimedia presentations that delve into specific themes, genres, directors, or periods in film history. Visitors can engage with thought-provoking displays, rare artifacts, and multimedia content that provide a deeper understanding of the featured topic. Temporary exhibitions at the Eye Film Museum offer fresh perspectives and unique insights into the world of cinema.

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Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition at the Eye Film Museum offers a comprehensive and captivating journey through the history of film. Through carefully curated displays, visitors can explore the evolution of cinema, from its earliest beginnings to modern-day masterpieces. The permanent exhibition showcases a wide range of artifacts, including film equipment, props, costumes, and memorabilia, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the world of filmmaking. Interactive displays, audiovisual installations, and multimedia presentations further enhance the experience, providing a dynamic and informative exploration of film history and culture.

Top Permanent Exhibitions of Eye Film Museum

Poster Gallery

The Poster Gallery at the Eye Film Museum showcases a stunning collection of film posters from different eras and genres. Visitors can explore the visual evolution of film promotion and appreciate the artistry and creativity displayed in these iconic posters. From classic masterpieces to contemporary releases, the gallery offers a glimpse into the diverse and captivating world of film advertising.

Eye on Set

Eye on Set invites visitors to step into the world behind the camera. This immersive experience takes you into the heart of film production, where you can explore meticulously recreated film sets, costumes, props, and more. Gain insights into the filmmaking process, learn about the collaboration between directors, actors, and crew, and discover the magic that brings stories to life on the silver screen.

Eye Listen

Eye Listen offers a unique audio experience that allows visitors to delve into the rich soundscapes of cinema. Through headphones, you can explore film soundtracks, dialogues, sound effects, and musical compositions that have shaped the movie experience throughout history. Immerse yourself in the sonic dimensions of film and gain a deeper appreciation for the crucial role of sound in storytelling.

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Eye Explore

Eye Explore is a multimedia platform that allows visitors to dive deeper into the world of film through interactive displays and digital resources. Discover curated collections, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and essays that provide in-depth insights into various aspects of cinema. From film history to genre exploration, Eye Explore offers a wealth of knowledge and resources for film enthusiasts and researchers.

Eye Walk

Eye Walk offers a guided tour through the Eye Film Museum's unique architectural space, providing an immersive experience that combines art, culture, and technology. Discover the fascinating history of the building, learn about its design, and enjoy panoramic views of Amsterdam. The Eye Walk offers a captivating journey that complements the film-focused exhibits and provides a holistic experience for visitors.


The Panorama section of the museum provides an immersive audiovisual experience. Visitors can step into a dome-shaped theater and be surrounded by panoramic projections, transporting them into breathtaking visual landscapes. Through curated films and multimedia installations, Panorama offers a unique perspective on the intersection of film, art, and technology, creating a mesmerizing and unforgettable sensory experience.

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History of Eye Film Museum

The history of the Eye Film Museum dates back to the late 1940s when a group of Dutch film enthusiasts founded the Dutch Filmmuseum. Initially, the museum operated as a small film archive, collecting and preserving Dutch and international films. Over the years, the collection expanded, and in 1975, the museum moved to its current location in the Vondelpark area of Amsterdam.

In 2012, the museum underwent a major transformation and rebranding, becoming the Eye Film Museum. The new building, designed by the Austrian architectural firm Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, features a striking modern design that has become an iconic landmark in Amsterdam. The architecture incorporates glass panels, creating a unique interplay of light and space.

The museum's renovation not only expanded its exhibition spaces but also enhanced its capabilities to preserve and restore films. It houses state-of-the-art facilities for film restoration, digitization, and archiving, ensuring the preservation of the rich cinematic heritage.

Today, the Eye Film Museum stands as a leading institution dedicated to film culture and history. It houses an extensive collection of films, including Dutch and international classics, documentaries, and avant-garde works. The museum organizes regular screenings, exhibitions, and events, attracting both film enthusiasts and general visitors.

With its commitment to preserving and showcasing film heritage, as well as promoting contemporary cinema, the Eye Film Museum continues to be a vibrant hub for film lovers, researchers, and artists. It serves as a bridge between the past, present, and future of filmmaking, offering a captivating and immersive experience for all who appreciate the magic of the silver screen.

Eye Film Museum Video

Explore Eye Film Museum

The Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam stands as a testament to the magic of cinema and visual storytelling. Its striking architecture, resembling an enormous white futuristic ship, is an iconic landmark along the waterfront. Inside, visitors can explore a rich collection of films, videos, and artifacts that span the history of cinema. The museum offers a unique blend of exhibitions, screenings, and interactive installations that celebrate the art of filmmaking. With its commitment to preserving and sharing cinematic heritage, the Eye Film Museum invites visitors to immerse themselves in the world of movies, making it a must-visit destination for cinephiles and culture enthusiasts.

Know Before You Go to Eye Film Museum

Essential Information
How to Reach
Tips to Visit
  • Location:

Eye is directly opposite Amsterdam Central Station. When arriving at Amsterdam Central Station, take the exit to IJzijde (IJ bank) to take a ferry.

  • Timings:

This museum is open from 10 AM and 10 PM from Sunday to Thursday. On Friday the museum is open for an hour more, from 10 AM and 11 PM.

  • Ferry:

Take the ferry in the direction of Buiksloterweg. The 24/7 ferry service is free and leaves every few minutes. The ferry ride takes approximately three minutes. Eye museum is located on your left and is a three-minute walk as you arrive in Amsterdam Noord.

  • Mopeds/scooters:

The Eye Film Museum is located on IJ promenade, a cycling and pedestrian path where mopeds and scooters are not allowed. Please remember to park them before the bridge across the canal.

  • Plan your visit: Check the museum's website for opening hours, ticket information, and any special exhibitions or events.

  • Allow ample time: The museum offers a wealth of exhibits and films, so allocate enough time to explore at a leisurely pace.

  • Take a guided tour: Consider joining a guided tour to gain deeper insights into the museum's collection and exhibitions.

  • Watch a film screening: Check the screening schedule and catch a film in one of the museum's cinemas for an authentic cinematic experience.

  • Engage with interactive displays: Interact with the museum's interactive exhibits to enhance your understanding of film techniques and history.

  • Don't miss the panoramic view: Visit the top floor for panoramic views of Amsterdam and capture stunning photos of the city skyline.

  • Visit the Eye Shop: Explore the museum shop, which offers a variety of film-related merchandise, books, and souvenirs.

  • Grab a bite: Enjoy a meal or a snack at the museum's café or restaurant, which often features film-themed menus.

  • Check for special events: Keep an eye out for special screenings, workshops, and lectures happening during your visit.


How is the Eye Museum different from other museums in Amsterdam?

It is a museum of film in the broadest sense: as entertainment, art and culture. It organizes four different temporary exhibitions related to film annually.

What is the best way to reach the Eye Film Museum?

You need to take an exit from the station on the IJ side from where you can take the ferry. The ferry ride is free of cost and leaves all hours of the day to the museum. You can also hire a car directly to the eye film museum by entering the location listed directly on your navigation system.

What are the things to do near the Eye Film Museum?

  • Rijks museum.

  • Anne Frank House.

  • Van Gogh Museum.

  • The Jordaan.

  • A'dam Lookout.

  • Body Worlds.

  • Vondelpark.

  • Moco Museum Amsterdam.

What are the activities to do in the Eye Film Museum?

  • NEMO - It is a big green ship-like building which is Amsterdam's Science Center.

  • Shoreline Park is a Public park located right next to the eye film institute and museum is a lush green area best to soak in the beauty of nature.

  • Adam's Lookout.

  • The Comedy Embassy.

Is the Eye Museum worth visiting?

It is amazing to visit the eye film museum as there are exhibits and more films to explore or understand the role of entertainment through the museum.


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