Albert Cuyp Market Food Tour Overview

Embark on Albert Cuyp Market Food Tours and try some mouth-watering Dutch and Indonesian delicacies. During the tour, you'll be accompanied by a knowledgeable food guide who'll take you to the best cafes and food stalls where you can have your gastronomic fix. The guide will also tell you interesting stories about how the market has evolved over the years and the food habits of the localities. The market was opened in 1905, and over the years, it has become the favorite haunt for foodies, shopaholics, and day trippers. Whether you're looking to refresh your closet or want to buy cool vintage memorabilia, Albert Cuyp Market Amsterdam can satiate all your shopping woes. It is one of the biggest street markets in Europe, with around two hundred and sixty shops and retail precincts, each having a unique identity and history. Albert Cuyp Market is situated in the heart of 'de Pijp,' a nineteenth-century neighbourhood known for its lively atmosphere. From clothing, food, vegetables, fruits, electronics, and jewellery to handicrafts, you can find everything under the sun at the best prices in this market. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Albert Cuyp Market Food Tours and soak in the buzzy atmosphere and satiate all your food cravings!

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Highlights of Albert Cuyp Market

The most beautiful market in Mokum
The most beautiful market in Mokum

Albert Cuyp is the most beautiful market in Mokum, renowned for its picturesque setting and sheer architectural brilliance. The market seems to be a colourful paradise dotted with vibrant shops and beautiful lanes enhancing its beauty. Filled with local delicacies, colourful handicrafts, and antique goods, Albert Cuyp offers a unique insight into the city's rich culture. Meander through narrow alleyways and walkways and feel delighted as you see the snake charmers, vendors, and henna tattoo artists trying to appease the tourists with their unique offerings.

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The largest day market in Europe
The largest day market in Europe

Albert Cuyp Market Amsterdam boasts around two hundred and sixty stalls, making it the largest day market in Europe. The market is a hub of frenetic activity, and you can find here everything ranging from handicrafts, flowers, and footwear to handmade goods and street fashion knockoffs. You can enjoy a brewing cup of coffee in an old-fashioned coffee house or savour the local delicacies at a modern café. There are also tons of street food vendors at the market, so you can grab some sweet delicacies to keep your blood sugar levels high while shopping.

Always a good atmosphere
Always a good atmosphere

Albert Cuyp possesses a distinctly cosmopolitan and traditional feel and offers a relaxed shopping experience to shopaholics. You can soak in the buzzy atmosphere and stuff your bags with design finds, crafts, edibles, and beauty buys. Each alley of this buzzing retail street holds something special such as exotic crafts, collectibles, and antiques for sale. The market is also populated with a huge variety of food vendors, meaning you will never go thirsty or hungry while wandering aimlessly.

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Plan Your Visit To Albert Cuyp Market

Essential Information
How To Reach & Highlights
Essential Information


Ferdinand Bolstraat 65, 1072 LN Amsterdam, Netherlands


Monday – Saturday (9:30 am – 5 pm)


The place is wheelchair accessible. The surface of the market is along with the transportation, all are wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Best Time To Visit

Opening hours are the best time to visit Albert Cuyp Market Amsterdam as the crowd is less, and you can explore the market and buy the best finds without any hassle. Avoid visiting the market on Saturday as it gets very crowded.

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What to do on Albert Cuyp Market Food Tours?

    • Join Albert Cuyp Market Food Tours and enjoy some of the finest Dutch and Indonesian treats.Get ready for a gastronomic celebration as the knowledgeable guide takes you to the best cafes and restaurants.
    • Learn about the evolution of the market and the food choices of the localities from your friendly guide.
    • Enjoy an ice-cold beer and refreshing mocktails at the local pubs and bars.
    • Stroll around the streets and interact with the traders offering everything from artisan soaps to handmade jewellery and the latest clothes.

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