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Exploring The Enchanting Rembrandt House Museum

The Rembrandt House Museum, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a historic house museum dedicated to the life and work of the renowned Dutch artist, Rembrandt van Rijn. The museum is situated in the very house where Rembrandt lived and worked for almost 20 years during the height of his career, from 1639 to 1658.

The Rembrandt House Museum provides visitors with a unique opportunity to explore the living and working quarters of the artist, offering insights into Rembrandt's daily life, his artistic process, and the historical context in which he created his masterpieces. The museum aims to recreate the atmosphere of Rembrandt's time, allowing visitors to step back in time and experience the ambiance of a 17th-century Dutch house.

Upon entering the museum, visitors are greeted by a carefully restored interior, featuring period furniture, artworks, and personal belongings that belonged to Rembrandt. The museum's collection includes a vast array of etchings, drawings, and paintings by Rembrandt and his contemporaries, showcasing his exceptional talent as a painter and printmaker. The collection also includes objects that were part of Rembrandt's daily life, such as his studio tools, pigments, and even his impressive collection of seashells and other curiosities.

In addition to the permanent collection, the museum hosts temporary exhibitions that explore various aspects of Rembrandt's life and art, as well as the broader context of the Dutch Golden Age. These exhibitions often feature works borrowed from other institutions and provide a deeper understanding of Rembrandt's artistic legacy.

The Rembrandt House Museum offers various educational programs, workshops, and guided tours for visitors of all ages, aiming to engage and inspire a wide audience. Visitors can witness live demonstrations of etching techniques, learn about Rembrandt's innovative use of light and shadow, or even participate in hands-on activities to create their own artworks.

Overall, the Rembrandt House Museum stands as a testament to the life and artistic genius of one of history's greatest painters. It offers a rich and immersive experience that allows visitors to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of Rembrandt while gaining insights into the fascinating world of 17th-century Amsterdam.

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Popular Collections of Rembrandt House Museum

Etchings By Rembrandt

The Rembrandt House Museum houses a significant collection of etchings by Rembrandt, one of the greatest artists of the Dutch Golden Age. The collection includes over 250 etchings that Rembrandt produced over the course of his career. Visitors can view these etchings and appreciate Rembrandt's exceptional skill and mastery of the medium.

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Etching Plates By Rembrandt

The museum also has a collection of etching plates used by Rembrandt, which provides an insight into the artist's technical skills and the complex process of creating an etching. These plates are displayed in a special room that showcases Rembrandt's etching techniques and the stages involved in creating an etching.

Drawings By Rembrandt

The museum also has a collection of drawings by Rembrandt that showcase his versatility and proficiency in different techniques such as pen and ink, charcoal, and chalk. The collection includes a range of subject matter, from portraits to landscapes, and demonstrates Rembrandt's skill in capturing the essence of his subjects with great detail and nuance.

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History of the Rembrandt Museum

Rembrandt House Museum history states that The house was built in 1606. It was made by the famous architect Jacob van Campen in the year 1627-28. Rembrandt purchased the house for an extravagant sum of 13,000 guilders. He was at the height of his fame.

In a tragic turn of fate the artist’s wife and children died soon after moving into the house. Rembrandt was later declared insolvent in 1656 and the house was auctioned for 11.000 guilders in 1658. It was later repurposed to serve as a museum for the artists’ works.

There are many paintings as well as artworks of many artists that are featured in the museum. The Rembrandt House Museum Tickets give the travelers a unique experience of the living conditions of the artist and the artworks created, by Rembrandt and fellow artists. If you want you can even buy the art, which may be priced accordingly.

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Explore Rembrandt House Museum

Explore Rembrandt House Museum

The Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam is a captivating tribute to the life and artistry of the renowned Dutch master, Rembrandt van Rijn. Housed within the very home where Rembrandt lived and worked during the height of his career, the museum offers a unique insight into his creative process and daily life. Visitors can explore his former studio, see his etching press, and admire a collection of his original artworks. The museum's intimate setting provides an authentic experience of Rembrandt's world, making it a cherished destination for art enthusiasts and history lovers alike.

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Location & Timings
How to Reach
  • Location: The location of Rembrandt House Museum–Jodenbreestraat 4, 1011 NK Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Operating Hours: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm on all days.

  • Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit is early in the day or in the early opening.
  • By Foot: The museum is located in the center of the old Amsterdam, 15 minutes walk from the Dam square, in direct proximity to the Waterlooplein Square.

  • By Metro: take metro Waterlooplein Station; tram: lines 9 and 14, Waterlooplein stop.

  • By Car: If you are using a cab or car in Amsterdam, you may park it in the underground parking under the Stopera (Town Hall and Opera Building).
  • Audio Tour: The use of the audio tour (Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian) is included in the admission charge. There is a special children’s audio tour in Dutch and English.

  • Cloakroom: The cloakroom is unguarded. Small safes are available. Suitcases cannot be accommodated.

  • Facilities for Disabled: The accessibility to Rembrandt’s old house is difficult for the disabled, due to the many floors and narrow staircases. The exhibition rooms in the new wing can be reached by elevator. The museum has a special toilet for the disabled

  • Museum Shop: Our museum shop sells a range of Rembrandt catalogs, books and reproduction etchings, as well as luxury gifts specially designed and produced for The Rembrandt House Museum.

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Do we have to book Rembrandt Museum Tickets in Advance?

Tourists can buy tickets at the venue on the day of their visit or book them online in advance. It is better to purchase your Rembrandt House Museum tickets online much in advance because the attraction often gets fully booked.

How long can we stay at the Rembrandt House Museum after buying the tickets?

A visit to The Rembrandt House Museum takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Are there any time slots to visit the Rembrandt Museum?

There is no slot to book.

Are Rembrandt House Museum Tickets worth buying?

The tickets are good as you can visit anytime you want on a ticket to see the museum.

Can the Rembrandt Museum be accessed with a wheelchair?

It is very much possible to visit the museum with the wheelchair in the elevator, therefore anyone can come to visit.

Why book Rembrandt House Museum Tickets Online?

It is easy and takes less time to book your Rembrandt House Museum Tickets before you go there as it takes less time and gives a great experience. You can use the venue to book tickets but that will mean long queues and extra time.


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