Overview of Tropenmuseum

The Tropenmuseum is a renowned museum located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, dedicated to exploring and showcasing the cultural diversity of the world. With a vast collection spanning various continents and time periods, the museum offers visitors a unique opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery.

The museum's collections are rich and diverse, encompassing artifacts, artworks, photographs, and more, representing cultures from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Each exhibit provides a window into different societies, traditions, and historical contexts, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of global cultural heritage.

Provenance research is a key focus at the Tropenmuseum, as it seeks to uncover the origin, history, and cultural significance of its objects, especially those acquired during the colonial era. By engaging in ethical research practices, the museum aims to promote transparency, confront colonial legacies, and facilitate meaningful dialogue.

Beyond its collections, the Tropenmuseum actively encourages cultural exchange through loan programs, where institutions can borrow specific items for temporary exhibitions. This fosters collaboration, intercultural dialogue, and the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Moreover, the museum houses a comprehensive library, providing researchers, students, and enthusiasts with a wealth of resources on anthropology, ethnography, art, and colonial history. The library serves as a hub for learning, enabling visitors to delve deeper into their areas of interest.

Overall, the Tropenmuseum stands as a vibrant hub for understanding, celebrating, and preserving the diverse cultural heritage of the world, promoting empathy, intercultural dialogue, and a deeper appreciation for our shared humanity.

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Popular collections of Tropenmuseum

Donate And Bequeath
Donate And Bequeath

The Tropenmuseum gratefully accepts donations and bequests from individuals who wish to contribute to the preservation and display of cultural heritage. By donating to the museum, you support their mission of showcasing diverse cultures and promoting understanding and appreciation. Your generosity helps maintain the museum's extensive collection and allows future generations to explore and learn from these unique artifacts.

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Loan Requests
Loan Requests

The Tropenmuseum welcomes loan requests from institutions and organizations interested in showcasing specific items from its collection. With a rich and diverse assortment of objects, the museum is committed to sharing its cultural treasures with the world. Through loan agreements, exhibitions can feature artifacts that provide insights into various cultures, historical periods, and artistic expressions. These temporary loans foster cultural exchange and create opportunities for dialogue and education, amplifying the museum's impact beyond its walls.


The Tropenmuseum's library is a valuable resource for researchers, students, and anyone seeking in-depth knowledge about the world's cultures. With an extensive collection of books, periodicals, maps, and multimedia materials, the library offers a wealth of information on anthropology, ethnography, art, and colonial history. Whether you're exploring a specific culture or conducting academic research, the library provides a supportive environment and expert assistance to help you delve into various topics and deepen your understanding of global cultural heritage.

Pproce - Provenance Research On Objects Of The Colonial Era
Pproce - Provenance Research On Objects Of The Colonial Era

Provenance Research On Objects Of The Colonial Era: Pproce (Provenance Research on Objects of the Colonial Era) is an important initiative undertaken by the Tropenmuseum. It aims to investigate and document the origin and history of objects acquired during the colonial period. This research project seeks to uncover the stories behind these artifacts, addressing questions of ownership, acquisition, and cultural significance. By conducting provenance research, the museum aims to promote transparency, ethical collection practices, and engage in dialogue around colonial legacies, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the objects in their possession.

Photo Is Looking For Family
Photo Is Looking For Family

The Tropenmuseum holds a collection of historical photographs that depict people from various cultures and time periods. In some cases, these photographs may depict individuals or families whose identities or stories are not fully known. The museum actively engages in efforts to identify and connect with the subjects or their descendants. By reaching out to the public, the Tropenmuseum hopes to reunite these photographs with their rightful families, fostering connections and preserving personal narratives that enrich our understanding of cultural heritage and individual experiences.

Provenance Range
Provenance Range

The Tropenmuseum recognizes the importance of establishing the provenance, or origin, of the objects within its collection. The museum aims to provide as much information as possible regarding the acquisition, ownership, and historical context of each item. The provenance range refers to the chronological span of an object's documented history, providing insights into its journey over time. By researching and documenting the provenance range of its artifacts, the Tropenmuseum ensures transparency and fosters a deeper understanding of the cultural, social, and historical contexts in which these objects were created and used.

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Exhibitions At Tropenmuseum

Things That Matter
Things That Matter

As the name suggests, "Things That Matter" is one of the most appreciated exhibitions held in the Tropenmuseum, which explains the importance of little things. Every object has its personal identity and carries some significance which is weaved carefully with emerging social issues in today's world, such as heritage and migration.

This exhibition features certain objects from the museum, which inspire all people visiting this place from the Netherlands or all around the world. It is a permanent exhibition that raises 10 questions on social issues and how they impact today's culture and community.

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What's The Story
What's The Story

The Tropenmuseum Tickets will give you access to a permanent exhibition held every day at Tropenmuseum "What's the Story” which just like the society keeps changing. Earlier, it represented the Netherlands' colonial glory, whereas today, the museum houses a wide range of historical collections from different forms of life and perspectives which results in social discussion and reflection. During a tour of the What's the Story exhibition, you get on an interesting journey which takes you back to 150 years when this museum was established. This exhibition also features a collection from Japan, jewellery from Surinam, Koran from Indonesia, and more.

Our Colonial Inheritance
Our Colonial Inheritance

Colonialism is no longer a thing of the past; it has remoulded the world in all senses. In a temporary exhibition in Tropenmuseum called Our Colonial Inheritance, there are displays of the present Dutch colonialism and its history in Indonesia, Suriname, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and many other countries. Here, you will not hear the "already heard" history, whereas there's a lot more to see and experience. The exhibition is a true reflection of the effects of colonialism on the world and how people appreciate and adapt to colonialism.

History Of Tropenmuseum

History Of Tropenmuseum
  • In 1864, societies for the Promotion of Industry landed on a decision that it's time to start a Dutch overseas territories collection for a museum. Many believe it is the most beautiful structure located in East Amsterdam, although the building has faced minor changes over the years.

  • Later in 1926, the museum was opened to the public as an integral part of the Colonial Institute and was commissioned by the Ministry of Colonies and other sponsors. When it opened, there were three departments, including The Trade Museum, Tropical Hygiene and Anthropology, featuring their own exhibition space and a massive collection.

  • Later in 1926, it was regarded as Amsterdam's largest structure. You can now explore Amsterdam's largest building by booking Tropenmuseum Tickets online.

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Explore Tropenmuseum

The Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam offers a captivating journey through cultures and civilizations. Housed within a stunning colonial-era building, the museum's diverse exhibits showcase artifacts, art, and stories from around the globe. Explore immersive displays that shed light on world cultures, colonial history, and contemporary issues. From intricate textiles to interactive installations, the museum fosters cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. It's a dynamic space where visitors of all ages can engage with the complexities of our interconnected world, making the Tropenmuseum a must-visit destination for those seeking cultural enrichment and a deeper understanding of our global heritage.

Know Before You Visit Tropenmuseum

Essential Information
Restaurant and Shop
Essential Information

Location :

Linnaeusstraat 2 1092 CK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Timings :

Tuesday to Sunday - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Tropenmuseum remains closed on Mondays

How to Reach

  • By foot - Start walking from Waterlooplein along the Plantage Middenlaan. Tropenmuseum is located at a 10-minute distance from there.
  • By public transport - Get on the tram 9 or 14 from the Amsterdam central station and exit on Alexanderplein. Tropenmuseum is only a 2-minute walk from Alexanderplein.

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Enter inside one of the largest and one of its kind museums in Amsterdam with the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam Ticket which celebrates cultural diversity wholeheartedly through artefacts. Founded in 1864, this ethnographic museum houses around 8 percent of exhibitions and a group of temporary exhibitions such as photographic works, modern and visual arts and more. The museum also features a wide collection of objects from Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and more for visitors who have a Tropenmuseum Ticket. On your tour to Amsterdam, enter the magnificent Tropenmuseum overlooking the famous Oosterpark and get amazed by the mesmerising light hall built in 1926.

Both permanent and temporary exhibitions house objects which tell a story about mankind which is why it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The best way to explore this museum is by booking Tropenmuseum Tickets in advance. These are based on themes like mourning, celebration, ornamentation, prayer and conflict. Here, you will witness several cultures from the past and present coming together under one hood. If you're in the city side and planning a tour to Tropenmuseum, booking Tropenmuseum Amsterdam tickets in advance would be the ideal plan. Besides a vast collection, the museum is designed beautifully, making it one of Amsterdam's most appreciated tourist destinations.

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  • Embark on a tour of Tropenmuseum with masterpieces depicting cultural diversity

  • Explore the wonderful collections of human tales on themes including decor, love, & fight

  • Witness permanent exhibitions including What's The Story and Things That Matter

  • Indulge in interactive activities including guided tours, music workshops, & talk shows

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Must Know Before You Go
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • Kids under 4 get in free. Child tickets are for people aged 4-18 years. Adult tickets are for people aged 19+ years.
  • Kids under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Big bags and suitcases aren't allowed in, but there are lockers onsite.
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What to do at the Tropenmuseum?

    • Watch Our colonial display
    • See the Plastic crush
    • Learn about the SABI Suriname
    • Dating in the museum - Discover your love
    • Explore our wide collection
    • Indulge in fun activities with families
    • Understand culture together
    • Explore the research centre
    • A deep study of the museum
    • Know the history of Tropenmuseum

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