Diamant Museum

Overview of Diamant Museum

The Diamant Museum, located in the heart of Amsterdam, offers a captivating journey into the world of diamonds. With a focus on education and exploration, the museum provides visitors with a comprehensive understanding of diamonds, from their formation deep within the Earth to their significance in art, culture, and jewellery.

The museum begins by tracing the origin of diamonds, exploring their geological formation and mining processes. Visitors can marvel at the beauty of rough diamonds and learn about the intricate craft of diamond polishing, witnessing firsthand the transformation from a rough stone to a dazzling gem.

The Diamant Museum also delves into the cultural and historical importance of diamonds. Exhibits showcase the role of diamonds in jewelry, displaying exquisite designs that highlight the brilliance and craftsmanship involved in creating diamond-adorned pieces. Visitors can explore the symbolism and cultural significance of diamonds, gaining insights into their enduring allure and the stories they tell.

The museum also features the International Crown Collection, where visitors can admire stunning diamond-adorned crowns from various cultures and time periods, symbolizing power, prestige, and artistic expression.

Additionally, the museum engages visitors with interactive exhibits, including a display on the infamous Diamond Heist, which chronicles daring thefts and the measures taken to protect these valuable gems.

Throughout the museum, the 4 C's (carat, color, clarity, and cut) are explained, providing a deeper understanding of how these factors influence a diamond's value and quality.

The Diamant Museum offers a unique and educational experience, allowing visitors to explore the beauty, history, and cultural significance of diamonds in an immersive and engaging setting.

What to Expect Inside the Diamant Museum?

Monumental Building

The Diamond Museum in Amsterdam is housed in a majestic monumental building that adds a touch of grandeur to the museum experience. The architecture showcases the elegance and charm of a typical 19th-century structure, immersing visitors in a captivating historical setting. The museum's location itself becomes an integral part of the visit, providing a unique backdrop for exploring the captivating world of diamonds.

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A Typical 19th Century Building

The Diamond Museum's building embodies the architectural style commonly found in 19th-century structures. Its design and features offer a glimpse into the past, allowing visitors to appreciate the craftsmanship and aesthetics prevalent during that era. The building's historical significance adds to the overall atmosphere, creating an immersive experience that blends history, art, and the allure of diamonds.

Origin of diamonds

The museum takes visitors on an intriguing journey to explore the origin of diamonds. Through informative displays and interactive exhibits, visitors can learn about the geological processes that give rise to these precious gems. Discover how diamonds are formed deep within the Earth, and gain insights into the natural forces and conditions that contribute to their creation over millions of years.

Rough diamonds

At the Diamond Museum, visitors have the opportunity to witness the raw beauty of rough diamonds. These uncut and unpolished stones offer a glimpse into the initial state of diamonds before they are transformed into the dazzling gems we admire. Learn about the various characteristics and features of rough diamonds, and appreciate the craftsmanship required to unlock their true potential through cutting and polishing techniques.

The 4 C's

Delve into the fundamentals of diamond evaluation with the 4 C's: carat, color, clarity, and cut. Learn about the key factors that determine a diamond's quality, value, and visual appeal. Through informative displays and interactive presentations, the Diamond Museum educates visitors on how these characteristics are assessed and graded. Gain a deeper understanding of the significance of each of the 4 C's and appreciate the expertise involved in evaluating and selecting diamonds.

The craft of diamond polishing

The Diamond Museum explores the meticulous art of diamond polishing. Visitors can delve into the intricate process of transforming rough diamonds into beautifully cut and polished gems. Discover the precision and skill required to enhance a diamond's brilliance and fire, as expert craftsmen shape and facet these precious stones to perfection. Gain a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in creating exquisite diamond jewelry.

The City of Diamonds

The museum highlights Amsterdam's historical significance as the "City of Diamonds." Learn about the city's rich diamond heritage, from its role as a major diamond trading hub to its renowned craftsmanship. Explore the impact of Amsterdam on the global diamond industry, including its influence on diamond cutting and polishing techniques.

Diamonds in jewellery

Delve into the world of diamond jewelry at the Diamond Museum. From engagement rings to intricate designs, explore the timeless beauty and symbolism of diamonds in adornments. Discover the craftsmanship and creativity behind creating stunning diamond jewelry pieces and learn about the cultural significance and enduring allure of these sparkling gems.

International Crown Collection

The Diamond Museum proudly displays the International Crown Collection, showcasing a stunning array of diamond-adorned crowns from various cultures and time periods. Explore the regal beauty and intricate craftsmanship of these majestic artifacts, which symbolize power, prestige, and the artistry of jewelry making throughout history. Immerse yourself in the world of royalty as you admire these exquisite pieces, each telling a unique story of elegance and opulence.

Art & Diamonds

Experience the captivating fusion of art and diamonds at the museum. Discover how diamonds have inspired and been incorporated into artistic expressions throughout history. Explore dazzling diamond-adorned artworks, reflecting the intersection of creativity and luxury. Gain insights into the artistic interpretations and cultural meanings associated with diamonds, showcasing their enduring allure beyond their intrinsic value.

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The Glamour Room

Step into the Glamour Room, a space that exudes elegance, luxury, and the allure of diamonds. Immerse yourself in a world of dazzling beauty as you explore the displays of exquisite diamond jewelry. Experience the sparkle and glamour associated with these radiant gems, surrounded by stunning designs and masterful craftsmanship. The Glamour Room offers a glimpse into the enchanting world of high-end jewelry and the exquisite allure of diamonds.

The Diamond Heist

Uncover the captivating tale of the Diamond Heist at the museum. Discover the thrilling narrative of famous diamonds being stolen and later recovered, highlighting the high-stakes world of diamond theft. Engage with interactive exhibits that shed light on the daring heists, the measures taken to protect these precious gems, and the exciting stories surrounding them. Get a glimpse into the darker side of the diamond world and the challenges faced in safeguarding these treasures.

Meet Sparkly

At the Diamond Museum, you have the chance to meet Sparkly, the museum's delightful mascot. Sparkly accompanies visitors on their journey through the museum, adding a touch of fun and excitement to the experience. Engaging with interactive exhibits and displays, Sparkly helps create a memorable and educational visit for visitors of all ages. Join Sparkly as you explore the captivating world of diamonds and embark on a fascinating adventure within the museum's walls.

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Know Before You Visit Diamant Museum

Essential Information
Highlights / Rules

Timings :

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Duration :

3 - 4 Hours (Approx.)

How to Reach :

  • By Car: The Diamant Museum is a 20 min ride from Amsterdam City Centre (around 3.5 km)
  • By Bus: You can use bus lines 305, 347, 397 and 41 as they pass by the Diamant Museum.
  • By Metro: Use the metro routing number 52 to reach the museum.

Museum Shop:

The Diamant Museum houses a museum shop that sells luxurious and magnificent artefacts like watches, rings, necklaces and other jewelleries. Some of the brands here are Royal Grace, Royal Coster, Storm and Paul Hewitt.

  • The Diamond Museum has no provisions for the accessibility of disabled people.

  • Although you are allowed to take photographs, you cannot do so for commercial purposes.

  • You cannot bring any eatables or drink inside the museum.

  • Accessories like coats and handbags can be taken in but you cannot take in backpacks.

  • Professionals like journalists, vloggers and photographers need to contact the museum separately.

  • The safety of your goods and possessions is on you, the museum is not responsible for any loss or theft.
  • To save on your time and avoid confusion during your trip, make sure to book your Diamont Museum tickets in advance.

  • You can carry your luggage with you as the museum has the facility to store them for you while you explore the attraction.

  • Don’t miss out on visiting the crown collection, which houses some of the most expensive and exquisite crowns from around the world.

  • At the Glamor Room, make sure to click pictures with the Diamond Ape Skull, which is adorned with 17,000 diamonds.

Book Your Diamant Museum Online

The Diamant Museum Amsterdam is a spectacular place for people fond of diamonds and looking to learn more about them. This museum houses dozens of exhibits and presentations that show the history of this industry in Amsterdam - its origin and how it developed into an important centre for diamonds in the world.

Learn about the various steps involved in making a diamond, from processing the rough diamonds to evaluating it using the 4 C Method. Also witness the diamond Katana Sword, the Ape Skull and other items adorned with diamonds. Lastly, you can also take part in the Diamond Heist or the Scavenger Hunt, which are some adventurous and challenging activities for both adults and kids.

For the most amazing experience at the museum, make sure to pre-book your Diamant Museum tickets online with us. You can book the tickets online in advance at your own convenience, skip the long queues at ticket counters and avoid hassles on your trip. In addition, booking online with us will also help you save on your entry ticket cost considerably, by availing unbelievable discounts and offers.


Can I store my luggage (trolley, weekend bag) in the wardrobe?

Yes, you can definitely store your luggage like trolleys and weekend bags in the cloakroom. It has a number of wardrobes and lockers to deposit heavy luggage that cannot be carried inside. However, the wardrobes are not under supervision of the authorities and you must keep it at your own risk.

What are the opening hours of the museum shop?

The museum shop opens at 9 am and closes at 5 pm, in accordance with the Diamant Museum tickets. You can purchase a number of authentic and exquisite diamond jewellery and many other accessories from the museum shop like rings, necklaces and watches. Some of the brands that can be found here are Engelsrufer, Storm, Royal Grace Collection and Royal Coaster diamond collection.

What is there to do in the museum for children?

Diamant Museum is an amazing place for kids to learn about the history and processes involved in diamond making. Apart from that, the Museum hosts Scavenger Hunt where kids can join Sparkly and use the clues to find the hidden word. Upon successfully finding the word, kids are rewarded with items from the Museum Shop.

Is it allowed to take photos and film in the museum?

Yes, you can capture photos or film in the museum for personal purposes. However, in case you are an educationist, journalist, vlogger or professional photographer, you will have to take special permission from the authorities.


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